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Do not let go

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Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Thriller fiction

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Actors: Sandra Bullock, Dzhordzh Kluni, Ed Harris, Ortho Ignatiussen Paul Sharma, Emi Uorren, Basher Savage

Budget: $ 100 million

Year: October 3, 2013

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Free download Gravity movie. Sci-fi thriller. Dr. Rayan Stoun, a brilliant expert in the field of medical engineering, is sent on his first space mission under the command of veteran Matt Kowalski Astronautics, for which the flight - the last before retirement. But while seemingly routine work behind the catastrophe happens. Shuttle destroyed and Stone and Kowalski remain quite alone; they are in conjunction with each other, and all that they can - it orbits in a totally black space without any connection with the Earth and any hope of salvation. The film "Gravity" by almost two thirds is made up of scenes created with computer graphics.

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Our Review:

One of the few films since "Avatar", where 3D is not a marketing ploy, but a prerequisite for viewing. About the new film Alfonso Cuaron Much has been said - mostly good: and he opened the Venice Film Festival, and the pope "Titanic" it professed the best film about space called. Finally, "Gravity" has reached and our cinema screens to show the wonders already rather discredited greedy kinodela 3D-technology. Astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Dzhordzh Kluni) and Dr. Rayan Stoun (Sandra Bullock) during the orbital working quite common - the telescope settings - are faced with space debris that had once been a Russian satellite. As a result of this unexpected meeting their shuttle is destroyed, and the astronauts themselves involved only a rope, thrown into space. Communication with the control center is lost, but the long shot to return to Earth is still there, despite the rapid ending of oxygen and a speedy return of ill-fated debris drifting in the orbit of our planet. By and large, "Gravity" is a chamber drama, except that which gained an incredible scene. Judge for yourself - the actors are only two, and there are no surprises in this regard the film, we will present no decorations minimalistic and stingy, despite the millions of stars, magnificent views of Mother Earth and all the things that we used to see in science-fiction movies about space. In this sense, there is not a fantasy story (which, on assurances of NASA experts could easily happen), and the tools by which it is created. Technological solutions over which Cuaron pored over four years, is so striking that at first did not really know where you are - the attraction or still on the feature film. This time zaviralnye stories about 3D miracles are true, and therefore the main characters are not people who are trying to survive, and all these infinitely beautiful space Circuits, which are rapidly moving in space. The head clearly silhouetted only two emotions - admiration of what he saw and misunderstanding of how it is done. In the end, it seems that "Gravity" - not science fiction, but the incredible techno-porn, we get to the more advanced world where inexplicably know how to look Clooney with Bullock.

User's Review:

I was surprised to read professional reviews on the integrity of the plot. Really gorgeous picture so disconnected logic? After all, as usual for the action once again nakakat on physics. No, if the film was called "Wonders of gravity" or "Merry gravity" it would have been understandable. But the name is a serious, serious plot, and physics is not serious, and in the key episodes. Brazenly thrown into the eye following points: Warning! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? Firstly, - an evil space debris, overtaking heroes at a rate much greater than the speed of the telescope, the shuttle and station. Judging from the fact that the debris back, it flies on the same orbit, and in the same plane with the characters (relative to the rotation of the Earth can be seen that the debris as it catches up astronauts). It looks like he lives his life, known only to the writers, otherwise how to explain - why different rates were on the same orbit? Suppose debris flying in another plane and crosses the station's orbit, but then, after a collision orbit change, the likelihood of their re-crossing to zero. Secondly, a masterpiece and a classic violation of the laws of nature. This is the moment in which Bullock's character can not hold onto a rope hero Clooney (then it opens with one hand deftly hatches moves grasping at anything), after they are holding the rope, hung in the static in the open space. Well, at least have the decency revolved. It could be attributed to the centrifugal forces. And it turned out as in the movie "Cliffhanger", where the heroine slipped out of the hands of Sylvester just under the influence of gravity, and for some reason flew Clooney remains a mystery. Although there is speculation he is so charismatic joker probably secretly switched the engines on their own knapsack and fell to the earth. What? Thirdly, it is of course the flight in the Russian spacesuit with a fire extinguisher on the Chinese station. And they say our Roscosmos fell behind by 20 years. Yes, we have just the suit, without oxygen bottles with a fire extinguisher can be all you want to fly in all directions! Against the background of such blunders quite lose: the lack of communication with TsUPami all countries (but there is a connection to the little family of radio amateurs - greetings from the 60s), a sharp descent from orbit and re-entry of the Chinese station for some minutes (in an amicable way it is necessary to at least a couple of months), not damaged envelope huge and beaten outside the International Space Station (ISS hatches inside the open, pressure drop sensors do not squeak) and the singing of cord:. "well, and more»

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