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Good People

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Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.5

Director: Henrik Ruben Genz

Actors: Dzheyms Franko, Keyt Hadson, Omar Sy, Tom Wilkinson, Sem Spruell, Anna Friel, Diarmed Morta, Diana Hardkesl, Lasko Atkins, Oliver Dimsdale


Year: November 27, 2014

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Good People download movie. Tom and Anna - ordinary couple: work, home, loan debts. But the situation is changing. The owner of the apartment, who lived on the floor below, suddenly dies, and his wife found his bag of money - 220 000 pounds, which, it seems, nobody knows. Life of Tom and Anna can change overnight, but there is one problem. This money belongs to the bandits who want to find them.

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Our Review:

Uninventive middling thriller about how a normal and almost unarmed couple confronts the two criminal groups. After being burned architectural business in the United States, Tom and Anna Rayt moved to England to be repaired inherited the mansion and start a new life. But then they, too, find themselves in straitened circumstances - in debt and without a job - and they even have to take the basement of the house that they rent. Tenant of the basement soon found dead, and in his closet, Tom and Anna find a whole bag of money. From their own needs good people Wright did not leave himself without a doubt the money, but soon thousand pounds announced its owners - two rival criminal gangs. Apparently, Tom and Anna were little interested in the movie, otherwise they would know that there is no easy money and pay for the accident and found embezzling millions always comes very quickly. This removed a lot of pictures, "Shallow Grave" with almost the same story, "A Simple Plan" and "Old Men." One of the co-director of the main Danish detective series recently, "Murder" and "Government" Henrik Ruben Genz took less ingenious and clever, at least psychologically matured, to the best action-packed and more mediocre statement in the same "Scandinavian" cool green-gray tones of the same theme. Kelly Masterson, who wrote the screenplay for the crime thriller is much higher, "Game of the Devil" - also about their relatives in desperate need of taking short-sighted solutions - adapted the novel by Marcus Seiki in a predictable and flat plot with depressing dialogue and placement, contrary to all logic. Why a detective from the police and drug traffickers in search of money so desperately clutching it to the lessors of the deceased - in the end, he could keep the money elsewhere? Why the couple lost everything at the mill of the economic crisis, it moves to one of the most expensive cities in the world? Is it possible that the good citizens, armed only with wit and improvised tools, not a word nor a single bullet in a shootout with gangsters? Nevertheless, we got enough Mighty thriller, which can be viewed with minimal interest, but you would expect more from the declared names. Hudson and Franco, in some existential desperation starred in all in a row, play moderately well - as far as possible within a fairly lifeless characters. Franco throughout the film look tired with the same expressionless face, even when the bandit with obvious sadistic paw his wife in front of him - maybe it's his vision surly action hero. Omar Sy, with its frenzied charisma too, nothing else is offered, except in threatening pose picking his teeth with a toothpick. Although some tension in this thriller creates a measured only soundtrack - a powerful and unique live here.

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