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From Paris with Love

Free download From Paris with Love movie.

Movie Length: 1:28

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: US, France

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Per Morel

Actors: John Travolta, Dzhonatan Riz Meyers, Kasia Smutniak, Richard Durden, Bing Ying, Ember Rouz Reva, Eric Godon, Fransua Bredon, Chemso Daman, Sami Darr

Budget: $ 52 million

Year: February 4, 2010

Download From Paris with Love

Download From Paris with Love full movie for free. Outwardly life James Heath (Dzhonatan Riz Meyers) is as follows: it is - a personal assistant to the US ambassador to France, living in the heart of Paris, meets a charming Frenchwoman and dresses only in the best boutiques. In fact, Heath - junior operative CIA officer who dreams of adventurous life of a secret super agent and participate in real-world special operations. But here James raised, and give him a partner - this special agent Charlie Wax (John Travolta). And then that he realizes what it really - hourly participate in chases and gunfights.

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Our Review:

An employee of the American Embassy in Paris, James Rice (Dzhonatan Riz Meyers) dreams of a major operational work, but it is forced to be content with little - like attaching a listening device gum or a game of chess with his boss. Hope seems surprising reflection on the shaved skull secret agent Wax (John Travolta), who arrived in the city of love in the case - to look for drugs, but better - the terrorists. Rice dream come true of the present case, on the same evening. He does not have time otmazatsya Wax on local customs picky and take dinner to the Chinese as familiar to him Paris changed once and for all. And the on-site cozy restaurant there is a stash of cocaine, a shop with fabrics transformed into an ammunition dump, a French bride is much smarter than you think, and the Arabs - well that the Arabs? Everything as usual. Following the crazy Wax, who has already nanyuhalsya cocaine, Rice, Cambridge graduate and a born diplomat, difficulty digesting the information that a child with a gun in his hand, it is desirable not to argue that it is preferable to kill ten men, but to save a thousand, and a loved one, wrapped in the suicide bomber's belt, it is better to shoot accurately in the head. During this time (about a day), a secret agent Wax manages to smash three apartments, several cars and killed about thirty people (a little more than a corpse per hour). In fact, the new film Pera Morelya ( "Taken") - a set of clichés, recognizable from the first second. This allows you to keep all talk to cynical jokes Travolta, keep a furious pace, and questions like "how is it managed?" Left for later, or even forget. Play chess - so smart. Chinese crowd goes - so now they will be even more, but somewhere near sell drugs. Are black - now you will be robbed. Arab pulls his hand to any button - now somewhere explode. A luxury rides "Audi" - next to the camera hanging around Luc Besson and shouting: "Do not believe it! More drive! Even more!".

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