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End of Days

Free End of Days movie torrent.

Movie Length: 2:01

Genre: Action Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Peter Hyams

Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Robin Tanni, Kevin Pollak, CCH Pounder, Derrick O'Connor, David Vayzenberg, Rayner Dzhudd, Miriam Margolis, Udo Kier

Budget: $ 100 million

Year: November 16, 1999 (World)

Download End of Days

Free End of Days movie torrent. At the end of the twentieth century, was born a girl, birth, which feared for centuries. According to legend it was meant terrible fate - to become the bride of the devil himself, who at the end of the millennium will rise from hell to usher in a terrible union and give birth to the Antichrist. If that happens, there will come the kingdom of evil and mankind forever plunged into darkness… With the approach of the New Tysyacheleniya prophecy, in which fear to believe, beginning to come true, and the Prince of Darkness he escaped from prison in search of his bride. The Vatican knew about the approaching end of the world, but the young darling of the devil - a girl named Christine - took himself to the education of New York Satanists. Save the world from destruction, and the girl from the terrible fate took depressive bodyguard Jericho Kane.

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User's Review:

Well, 11 years ago, on pirated video tape, I watched a movie with a favorite actor childhood - Arnold Schwarzenegger. Very much was intrigued: the horror film with Schwartz. Then looked, I liked it, I was scared due to his youth and stupidity of his age. However, when viewing this on the eve of its twentieth anniversary. Hmmm, let's say, the film is left at all those feelings. Some things are too conspicuous, and indeed, even being an 8-year old kid, I noticed some strange script. The impression is that the idea of ​​this film was born from its founders, after one of them had nothing to do written on paper, the number "666", and then dropped to the floor and noticed that the upside these figures appear as "999". Later, they figured that soon in 1999, and even found a book on the shelf is dusty, with the strange name "Bible" and began to draw out ideas for the script to future film. How else to explain all this jumble of distorted religious ideas? But in the end it turned out a very good script, to which people who are not very knowledgeable in the biblical legends and prophecies, would react very well. And I was one of them, so the "End of the World" has left a favorable and horrible (in a good way) experience. Repeated viewing experience, perhaps the same, but less bright than the last time. And I would still like to point out that the reason that I do want to see and review the film. Olden Schwartz. Oh, yes, he played "good ex-cop Jericho, who killed all his dearly beloved family and the poor man is on the verge of collapse." By itself, the role, in my opinion, not one of those who came up to reveal the actor's capacity by 100%. And Arnold cope with the role very well, not brilliant, but he's the Hero Adventure, the man who eventually banished Satan back to Hell, and this is still a lot of whom cast. Predator or T-1000, for example. Therefore, expect from him the High revelations of acting as something not worth it, at least not in this movie. Arnie specializes in the action genre, and the genre it looks, as always, excellent, so that the anti Award "Golden Raspberry", for which he was nominated, looks pretty strange. The impression is that there Schwarz fundamentally do not like, but oh well. As for the other actors is nothing specific I can not say, little show them, and indeed Schwarz almost all the time in the shade is, it carefully hides the director, who, in my opinion, did not have either the experience, or talent, to remove the satanic horror movie with Terminator . The idea of ​​something cool. Oh, yes, Udo Kier is good, but too little, and he died as a very ignominiously. Like all the henchmen of the Devil in the film, which he did not understand why attracted to the preparation of such a momentous event. And he would have consulted, yet the special effects from the genius of Stan Winston, who showed Satan opportunities in our world, impressed without any there fellows that for three days they could not bring the bride to their idol, and the idol of this was some sort of lazy, like all villains in films of this kind, walking slowly, spoke monotone speech, for which he ultimately paid. If he could not show off smaller and grab the unfortunate girl and keep it somewhere strikes until 11:00 on 31 December. Oh, there is much to complain about, but do not want to. A good movie that can very much like it, if not to look at it not sostykovok in the plot and some general platitudes. Ah, yes, maybe I'm wrong to argue, but God's position in the film is shown right. Without interfering with the opposition forces of evil and the people he was able to determine how much more there is good in people, whether they are worth more to live for a thousand years? It turned out worthy. Schwartz, anyway, for sure. While the theatrical version of his character died. Regrettably, he is a hero, and indeed necessary to believe that the good in people is still a little more than evil.

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