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Eagle Eye

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Movie Length: 1:58

Genre: Action Thriller

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: DJ Caruso

Actors: Shaya Labaf, Mishel Monahen, Rosario Dawson, Maykl Chiklis, Entoni Maki, Ethan Embry, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Azizi, Kemeron Boys, Linn Koen

Budget: $ 80 million

Year: October 2, 2008

Download Eagle Eye

Free Eagle Eye movie torrent. Dzherri Shou - young idler, unlike his ambitious twin brother Ethan. But with all the effort to make life better, Ethan dies under mysterious circumstances. Returning to his home, Jerry discovers that his apartment is filled with the latest weapons and lie on the account 751,000 dollars. The young man realizes that he was framed by putting a terrorist, and forcibly introduced into the group, is planning a series of murders. At the same time, in a single mother Reychel Hollomen lost child. She also finds herself caught in a game of unknown black people. In these circumstances, the characters are forced to look for a way to save his life and reputation.

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User's Review:

"Eagle Eye" is stored an abundance of chase scenes, skirmishes, fights, the scale of the unfolding events, quick decisions, sometimes these solutions turn for heroes even more trouble than before. Shaya Labafa hero - just a simple guy, drawn into the government's "game" from which you can not come out clean and spotless. Another characteristic role LaBeouf, for that we love him. Well done, of course, the Russian distributors, who interpreted for us the name of the painting - "Eagle Eye", although originally it referred to as the "Eagle Eye" on the eponymous title of high-tech program of US intelligence (in the movie). Agree, it's nice to watch these movies that you fall in love with the first frame. No need to try to understand the twists and turns of the storyline, if you look from the very beginning, and so all becomes clear when you see in the picture of the main characters who are hiding from the "horsemen" of the US government. Just sit and enjoy, and the actors deliver a spectacular display emotion, spectacular situation and shocking moments. This blockbuster of those that are aimed at a mass audience. People just need a spectacular film, which you can go with your family to the movies or get together at home watching television screen. In general, 2 hours of struggle the characters, piles of smashed cars, driving fast, lightning events, fear, luck and, of course, incommunicable passions.

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