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Die Another Day

Free download Die Another Day movie.

Movie Length: 2:13

Genre: Action Adventure Thriller

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Lee Tamahori

Actors: Pierce Brosnan, Holli Berri, Tobi Stivens, Rozamund Payk, Rick Yune, Dzhudi Dench, Dzhon Kliz, Maykl Medsen, Will Yun Lee, Kenneth Tsang

Budget: $ 142 million

Year: December 11, 2002

Download Die Another Day

Download Die Another Day full movie for free. 007 for the scheduled tasks in North Korea. This time, things are not so smooth: Bond expose and jail. A few months later he was chosen from captivity. But then he learns that British billionaire named Gustav Graves decided to create a super-powerful weapons, and for this it is necessary to cooperate with the Korean military. Bond has to again take up the case. Especially after he sees with his own eyes in action space satellite "Icarus", capable of directing a concentrated beam of sunlight as the Earth… In this film, Pierce Brosnan in the fourth (and last) time played the role of James Bond.

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User's Review:

COOL OLD-SCHOOL «Cool old school" (or "fresh old school" when literally translated into Russian) - in the name of the review and asks exactly this phrase. Why you ask? Before us is a truly unique movie managed to unite rather contradictory things. Directed by Lee Tamahori, succeeded in the production of Hollywood "fairy tales" (just remember the second "xXx", competing on a level "fantastic" with "Die Another Day" on an equal footing), demonstrates a strong fusion of two seemingly not " joint "elements. The first - old-school spy (recognizable and charismatic agent "unsinkable" because of a heap of gadgets, which are at the Fogg in "Around the World in 80 Days" is always taken at the right time in the right place). Second - fresh "wave" (not typical of the classic James Bond real and increased danger hanging over the protagonist (captivated in North Korea, he could stay there) and exaggerated cruelty to it (such a long abuse of Bond, demonstrated at the beginning of the film had not been exactly)). But - hey presto! - Tamahori this "fusion" was a success. The story and the picture is full of contrasts: More recently the enemies of Bond dipped in a barrel in Korea, and now he - ornithologist bored, sipping expensive cigar on the beach in Mexico; Graves's evil billionaire wants to pierce agent antique sword, and already there - eager to incinerate its fiery beam aimed straight from the ultramodern space satellite; Now James withdraws cold blonde, but here - it is already a hot mulatto (played by Berry) and so on. All this not only makes the viewer get bored, but also allows you to verify the astonishing contradictions of human nature, And by example. Let me explain. Exactly for that, for what fans old school (smiling brunette with gadgets (by the way, in "Die Another Day" appeared their apotheosis - invisible car) and large-scale, sometimes realistic shooting) loved this tape, that is what they will criticize later. "This is not the classic Bond!", "Why are so many hard fights and no gadget ?!", "Where's the charm „fairy tale for adults“For that and love the franchise ?! "and so forth. And though, of course, the emphasis has shifted (to the apotheosis of "fiction" on realism apotheosis), why be surprised? Who else but we, the fans of the classic spy-style happy "injection" of realism, has penetrated into the franchise with the film Tamahori? Succeeded by his directors (from Campbell's "Casino „Piano“"To Mendes in" Coordinates „Skayfoll“„) Only with the continued success of this initiative. And though, of course, inconsistency of this "declare itself in full voice," not after the film Tamahori, but only after Mendes - nevertheless it is "Die Another Day" stands at the beginning of the "transformation" of the franchise from "fairy" in realistic spy thriller. Ideas, trapped in the fertile "soil", have the particularity to grow and develop, you know. What goes around comes around. The result: a landmark film Movie: The "milestone". Want to know where to begin realism in "fabulous" franchise? Include "Die Another Day" now!

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