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deja Vu

Free Deja Vu movie torrent.

Movie Length: 2:06

Genre: Action Fiction Thriller

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Tony Scott

Actors: Denzel Washington, Pola Petton, Val Kilmer, Dzheyms Kevizel, Adam Goldberg, Elden Henson, Erika Alexander, Bryus Grinvud, Rich Hatchmen, Mett Kreven

Budget: $ 75 million

Year: December 14, 2006

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Free download Deja Vu movie. The feeling of deja vu begins to seem that was already at this time in this place. But it may be that this is not an accident and not an error of perception, and the need to listen to your inner voice, which sends news from the future. Doug Carlin, ATF agent, dropped an amazing chance to travel back in time. He is passionate about the investigation into the explosion on the ferry, which claimed the lives of several people. Once in the past, a man meets a girl, which according to the rules (the past can not be changed) to kill, but Doug falls in love with her. Will he be able to defeat destiny and save the girl?

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Our Review:

From the dock in New Orleans departs passenger ferry full of sailors on leave, and children of primary school age. In spite of the white tunics of young sailors and bright outfits malyshni, each frame leaves the impression that something terrible will happen. And indeed, not having to move away from the coast, the ship explodes. The terrible tragedy killed more than 500 people. Bureau agent for the control of alcohol, tobacco and firearms Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) begins to investigate. Because of its skills in the smallest details to draw conclusions on it pay attention to the FBI. Employees of one of the units offer Carlin work together. During the investigation, it has attracted the attention of one of the victims. Hypothetically Claire (Paula Patton), burnt, as well as many other passengers, was killed by the explosion. But in practice the detective did not converge to make ends meet. Many evidences indicate that the girl was tortured to the tragedy, and that her killer made yet unknown suicide bomber. And from that point Toni Skotta film, which began briskly like a good detective, sliding into fantasy thriller. Doug, along with several members of the FBI examines records four days ago. At first these videos it is presented as shot from space satellites. Supposedly the feds are able to receive information from any of the working chambers (eg, ATM surveillance cameras) and rotate the viewing angle on your own. But Carlin begins to suspect that all is not so simple. The review materials she behaves as if feeling that watching her. And the detective himself, shine on screen laser pointer, he sees Claire noticed this ray. The truth is that the main character beats of his colleagues, is such - the FBI accidentally created a time machine. To be more precise unit capable of looking into the past. And in this last girl I had not yet met her killer and the victims of the explosion - alive. For those who have at least something remembered from school physics course, all those stories about the non-linearity of the space will look better than the funny jokes. Those who can not remember anything, most of the film will appear to the story told in Chinese. That is - the person speaking in a very clever, but what they argue - is not clear. It is clear that once there is a time machine, the brave black hero will struggle to prevent what happened. To do this, he will send his past note. And it will be chasing a criminal on the future of the jeep, looking at the past through the cyber eye. And when it is not effective, the risk of life teleport to himself. Therefore, go to the second round, in which Carlin can personally try to prevent terrorist. Viewer, by the way, may also need a second chance. To understand otsmotrennyh. Watch an interview with the leading actor Denzel Washington on [email protected]

User's Review:

In the year 2006 a great British director Tony Scott ( "Top Gun," "Revenge"), Notorious hand in his long film career in the first-class fighters, took an unexpected way for him one of the best and subtly thought-out science fiction films of all that they have done in Hollywood recently. Writers Bill Marsili, who began to develop the story since '97 and Terry Rossio ( "Mask of Zorro"), based on the basic idea of ​​the novel by Orson Scott Card, "Redemption Hristofora Kolumba," wrote an amazing and original story, in which the detective organically line and smoothly intertwined with fantastic story about time travel and weather tight thriller. Starting very tragic, this tape immediately sucks you in, absorbs and dissolves in a separate parallel to the film world, from screen to break away completely impossible, despite the fact that this story, with all its unreality looks absolutely earth and truthful. This film is full of interesting puzzles, and the open ending of the film will not open for the viewer all the ideas embodied in it at once, because the "Deja Vu" has pleased to repeated revision and reinterpretation. This was the third joint work amazing actor Denzel Washington ( "Out of Time," "Courage Under Fire") and Toni Skotta (all they did together five films), and a great creative collaboration, in my opinion, is not inferior Martinu Skorseze with Robert De Niro, that no film, the candy. Washington first class here coped with the role of agent Office for the Control of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives Doug Carlin, a man caught in a whirlpool of incredible events and on whose shoulders lies the responsibility to save the lives of hundreds of people. The film is a touching romantic line, the decoration of which was lovely Paula Patton ( "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol", "Mirrors"), had just started to conquer Hollywood. As with all films Scott on supporting roles he's always wonderful ensemble cast, there is also almost forgotten today, but not by us cinephiles Val Kilmer ( "The Doors"), and did not stray into big stars, but it's a great actor Dzhim Kevizel ( "Passion"), always weird Adam Goldberg ( "4 days in Paris"), Bryus Grinvud ( "depth") and even a little Elle Fanning ( "Somewhere"). "Deja Vu" - is a smart, exciting and reactive movie does not sag even for a second, that has everything to two hours to forget about everything and plunge into the mysteries of the labyrinth of surprises and action-passion, but unfortunately, in the tradition of many Toni Skotta films this work was not appreciated at the time of its release in the rental nor critics nor mass audience, and cash is not collected. Bravo, Tony Scott!

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