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Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea download movie.

Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Action Fiction Thriller

Country: USA, Australia

IMDB rating: 5.8

Director: Renny Harlin

Actors: Tomas Dzheyn, Saffron Burrows, LL Kul Dzhey, Maykl Rapaport, Stellan Skarsgard, Samuel L. Jackson, Zhaklin Makkenzi, Aida Turturro, Christos, Daniel Rey

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: March 31, 2000

Download Deep Blue Sea

Download movie Deep Blue Sea for free. The underwater laboratory "Aquatica" a group of scientists led by Dr. Syuzen Makalister is engaged in the development of the drug from the disease on the basis of the medulla Alzheimer sharks. Susan and her colleague using genetic engineering techniques to increase brain sharks, but the experiment turns against researchers: some predators are transformed into bloodthirsty monsters who can outsmart even their "creators".

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User's Review:

Until now, I naively thought that the most intelligent beings on the planet is the dolphins, and nothing can change, it seems obvious fact. I did not think that being elected, who will get the "honor" to experience the hard way the increase of the mind, will be the shark. All this seems crazy, if not to take into account the fact that the shark's brain produces a unique in its kind "healing protein," which could solve many human problems associated with suffering marasmus. But how to invent a healing serum for millions of people as a "miracle protein" nothing at all? Of course - to increase the fish brain, thereby increasing the production of protein in her brain, and as it turned out, however, and intellectual abilities ... Away from the coast to the "unknown" sea (we only know that it is blue and deep), located research base, with a huge underwater complex, which included: laboratories, living quarters, and even dining. People working in the sector, engaged in scientific work on sharks, namely the generation of the protein itself. But one day, the sharks found in the waters of the mind, after a puncture in the fin, now three large tiger sharks, consisting of "conspiracy" against all humanity, will begin to take revenge on the people at the station, and look for a way to break free - into the open sea. Throughout the film, a group of survivors trying to escape the fate of being eaten. Alas, not all of it turns out after the time characters gradually eliminated, making a very silly mistakes. Although it was necessary to act with intelligence and extreme caution, because the enemy than ever "intelligent and dangerous." Renny Harlin chose a fairly common scenario, most of the inherent horror in general, the picture of "Deep Blue Sea," recalls the film "Piranha," a little earlier captured. In both cases, people cornered, do not suffer from portability "of the jaws and fins." While all of which "tragic" in the second case. The scenario, as already mentioned above - is banal: the characters eat at a time, at different levels closer to the coveted salvation. As a result, survived only three, though not, in the end again stupid act of the heroine, and now, the survivors have two, and then, both the aid request comes the Coast Guard immediately after the last reasonable shark was successfully shot down a gun, charged firecrackers from the flare. The painting itself, belongs to the genre "thriller". To the heroes really have to sympathize with, and at times even turn away for a moment when the shark finds his next victim. Frankly to say, horror of this type is still nice to look at because they present a fascinating intrigue that awakens in us "a sense of caution" by which we begin to worry about the characters, and like myself they dictate - do not go there ; turn around; Run ... For the sake of this "awesome" feeling, this picture is worth a look, regardless of its date of issue, because it is a kind of "bloody horror classic."

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