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Download movie Deadfall for free.

Movie Length: 1:34

Genre: Thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.3

Director: Stefan Rutsovitski

Actors: Eric Bana, Oliviya Uayld, Charlie Hunnam, Sissi Speysek, Kris Kristofferson, Dzheyson Kavale, Kevin Desfosses Alain Golem, Allison Graham, Patrik Kerton, Keyt Mara, Trit Uilyams

Budget: $ 12 million

Year: December 13, 2012

download Deadfall

Download Deadfall full movie for free. Crime drama about a brother and sister, fleeing from justice. Edison and Lisa, being on the run after a botched robbery casinos, get into an accident. Former boxer Jay, heading home to spend Thanksgiving with his family, helps Lisa. He did not suspect that her brother should be at their heels, intending to use Jay and his family to achieve their goals. "Blackbird" - the Hollywood debut of German director Stefan Rutsovitski.

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Our Review:

Unusually grim and tedious story about the most common things - human stupidity. Addison (Eric Bana) and his sister Lisa (Oliviya Uayld) robbed the casino and in the car, stuffed with money, sent to the Canadian border. Because of the accident, which occurred solely due to carelessness of the driver, the car is broken. Shot dead by a police offer assistance, Addison hurry to get rid of, and sister, leaving her there on the road. Like, it is necessary to separate and get to Canada alone. Muzzy cold and anguish selects Lisa J. (Charlie Hunnam), too large done, a few hours after release from jail killed former friend. Jay goes home to his parents to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Lisa glad - the house is almost next to Canada. In this unfortunate structure as it is already possible to guess at the end of the film will get everyone: to find out the relationship, to unmask, to make the recognition and possibly even murder. In his interesting idea to bring a festive table people of opposing views and activities, and even hate each other so much absorbed the creators of "Blackbird" that they literally exploded to this end. Pushing and podpihivaya heroes, forcing them to commit more and more crazy things and to find a most unexpected features not caused by anything other than the writer desires to surprise the audience. Of course, the wild behavior of the brothers and sisters who gathered to cross the Canadian border into the snowstorm, but not stocked with warm clothing, and then made a lot more interesting, can be explained by the fact that as a child they beat my father - so that rescued them brain does . But the rest of the characters is not better - absolutely crazy and unprofessional sheriff degenerative his subordinates, unbalanced athlete, local boozer, tiranyaschy wife and children. Relatively sane parents of the athlete and the daughter of the sheriff, but the first is clearly not by chance live in the suburbs, away from all the lovely people, and the other despises the entire police department - and that's because helluva lot of clever. This picture - a stunning illustration of the accuracy of the expression "a madhouse on the road." This is not a gallery of psychological portraits, not a clash of strong characters. It's not even dispassionate demonstration of the will of evil fate, forcing bad, as we are trying to prove people do something bad and the ugly. It's just a bunch of crazy things, made a very strange, but not very interesting people. Some actions are shown twice, for example sex Olivii Uayld, but it is at least understandable. But how thrush, you ask? A blackbird there at all to do with it.

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