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Free download Coraline movie.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Thriller Fantasy cartoons

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.7

Director: Genri Selik

Actors: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Hutkman, Dzhennifer Sonders, Dawn French, Kit Devid, Robert Beyli ml., Ien Maksheyn, Aanha Neil George Selick

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: April 30, 2009

download Coraline

Free Coraline movie torrent. While the adults are busy with a catalog of gardening, Coraline explores her new home. The upper floor is occupied by drinkers Russian acrobat Bobinski and trained mice, ground - two former stars of vaudeville scene. However, the main meeting is waiting for Coraline to the small door hidden under the wallpaper, where the hidden passage to another dimension. There's other mom and dad with enthusiasm concocting turkey and chocolate cake and a chorus sung by the piano. One catch: instead of the eyes of these people - Suspicious buttons.

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User's Review:

Today went to a session in the movie. Given 3D glasses. They all seem like very close to you. How would you become the hero of this horror. In short movie super! I was eleven years old, and I really liked it!

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