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Con Air

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Movie Length: 1:55

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: Saymon Uest

Actors: Nikolas Keydzh, Dzhon Kyusak, John Malkovich, Kolm Mini, Mykelti Williamson, Nick Chinlund, Steve Buscemi, Ving Reymz, Deyv Shappell, Rachel Tikotin, Denni Treho

Budget: $ 75 million

Year: June 2, 1997 (World)

Download Con Air

Con Air download movie. After eight years of his release concluded Cameron On finally being released. Now from home it is separated by only a distance of many kilometers, which he intends to overcome on the plane - flight "Con Air", carrying dangerous criminals in places not so remote. When the plane is suddenly seized by a dangerous recidivist Cyrus Grissom, According understands that this is his chance to prove his integrity - he decides to help the police deal with criminal, even though it could cost him his life.

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User's Review:

"Con Air" - one of the most significant and high-profile militants 90th, combining extremely colorful and powerful cast, a great sense of humor, rollicking story and hell-reactive dynamics. Director from England Saymon Uest ( "The General's Daughter," "The Mechanic") in this his debut work declared himself very loud, but, unfortunately, then above this his belt he had not jumped in Hollywood, taking off at the same time fairly well-known Action -movie. I always loved in the tapes of the genre villains, they are incredibly charismatic, turretless, inadequate, unpredictable and capable of truly surprising, and the actors do not hide in their interviews that they prefer more negative characters to play, rather than the right, and "Con Air "they are not alone, as usual, and the whole plane and at the same time everything is completely different, bright, colorful and eerily dangerous. Surprisingly successful and unusual idea was to entrust the role of the main villain and the pack leader Cyrus the Virus refined and gorgeous John Malkovich ( "Dangerous Liaisons," "Ripley's Game"), which is by no means would have been impossible for me personally present in such a manner, and he coped with this role beyond praise. The most terrible maniac Garland Greene as a surprise Stiva Bushemi ( "Reservoir Dogs," "The Big Lebowski"), catching up here alone animal fear his power and cunning eyes. Rapist Johnny - 23 by brutal Denni Treho (by the way, to a career in the movie, he actually sat for many years in prison), Nick Chinlund as Harry Bedlam, Ving Reims, Dave Shappel, MK Gainey and Renolit Santiago, each of them created on the screen is absolutely precise and unusual image of a felon with cockroaches in the head and twisted psychology, and observe their relationship and to determine who is steeper look indescribably exciting. In its best form here and Nikolas Keydzh ( "Face", "Leaving Las Vegas") with a funny haircut, who played the main positive hero, a former soldier Cameron Poe, hit the absurdity of fate in prison for 8 years. Here Cage is really playing it in the skin of his character at 100% and you have a half hour really nervous and worried for him, and I am very sorry that this wonderful actor somewhere hid his talent and brain when choosing their latest projects. Good here also and Dzhon Kyusak ( "Identification", "Runaway Jury") as Sheriff Vince Larkin, torn in the struggle between violent criminals and stupidity of their bosses. Perhaps the "Con Air" is not perfect plot, perhaps sometimes it really goes over the top with the follies and spits on logic, but it's a first-class entertainment attraction for everyone who loves to tickle nerves and really high-quality action, and in the 90th, believe me, it did the conscience.

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