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This will happen in January

Free Cloverfield movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:21

Genre: Detective fiction horror thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Mett Rivz

Actors: Mayk Fogel, Dzhessika Lukas, Lizzy Caplan, Tidzhey Miller, Michael Stahl-David, Odette Enneybl, Anzhul Nigam, Margot Farley, Theo Rossi, Brian Klugman

Budget: $ 25 million

Year: January 18, 2008

download Cloverfield

Cloverfield download movie. New York, Manhattan. The company of old friends going to a party on the occasion of the appointment of one of them for the post of vice-president as much in Tokyo. All jinks, passing gossiping about each other, when the holiday is interrupted incomprehensible roar - it turns out that something strange had attacked the city and already in full wreaking havoc and panic, sweeping from the building the way, cars and people. Manhattan to announce a closed zone, but somewhere nearby trying to survive in this hell Girl Rob - now she is all alone.

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User's Review:

Probably each of us has seen the genre of "psevdodokumentalisti". Most often, these film takes place in certain areas. A variety of wood or a big house. In all of this, the number of people entering the frame is minimal, but the "monster" is not so. All the action of the film takes place in New York. Where a group of friends getting over the departure of his friend abroad. Naturally one of his friends the whole party takes on the camera. But suddenly all over the metropolis turned off the light, the earth shakes beneath their feet and the chaos begins. Directed by Mett Rivz could make a film about monsters, such as "Godzilla," but who in our time surprise this film. But here is to remove something like that, but in the genre of "psevdodokumentalistiki". In my opinion, it's brilliant. For me, the film "Cloverfield" is something new, I would say, the next chapter in this genre. It is said that the screenplay was written by Dryu Goddardom co-wrote «Lost». The film has a lot of special effects, and the camera and transmit all actors realism and an atmosphere of the film. Perhaps because of this, this movie falls into a collection of my favorite movies. And I look I will wait for the second part of the movie. So I advise to look at him and you.

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