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Free download Blitz movie.

Movie Length: 1:37

Genre: crime Thriller

Country: US, UK, France

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Elliott Lester

Actors: Dzheyson Steytem, ​​Peddi Konsidayn, Aidan Gillen, Zeyv Ashton, David Morrissey, Ned Dennehy, Mark Raylens, Luke Evans, Nicky Henson, Steven Harwood-Brown


Year: June 23, 2011

download Blitz

Download movie Blitz for free. Detective Tom Brant (Jason Steytem) leads the hunt for serial killer Blitz attacking a lone police officers and brutally killing them. Every time Blitzen manage to circle the police led by Brant around your finger and slip out of their hands. A police murder, however, continue. The question of catching the maniac becomes a matter of life and death for Tom.

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User's Review:

New high-quality thriller! Yes, it is militant, not a thriller! Because this is a movie with Dzheysonom Stethemom starring. And his characters, regardless of social and social status, used to resolve all issues nevsegda legal means. Here and there a brutal handsome Brant looking manyaka killer killing police officers on the most zlachnym back streets of London, handing out right and left, a huge mass of bad blows parnyam.Eto not a film about the police and the killer - it's quite a multi-level history on the brink of drama, with a bunch of interesting characters invented with their own motives, storylines, and very impressive final razvyazkoy.Film is an adaptation of the novel by Ken Bruena "Blitz"Is no longer a young director Elliott Lester is very solidly and accurately! In short, a half hour spent on watching this kinonoviki can be called a pastime, the film will appeal to all fans of the talent Stethema, and all lovers of the genre movie with a strong storyline, intense intrigue and quality humor !

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