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Beyond the Reach

Corporate shark and his poor young guide will play in the most dangerous game while hunting in the Mojave Desert

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Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Jean-Baptiste Leonetti

Actors: Maykl Duglas, Dzheremi Irvin, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Ronni Koks, Patrisiya Betun, Martin Palmer, David Garver


Year: May 7, 2015

Download Beyond the Reach

Free Beyond the Reach movie torrent. The Mojave Desert in the southwestern United States. The temperature exceeds 55 degrees. Without water, people will live no more than 60 minutes. It is in such extreme conditions hunts known millionaire Medek with a young conductor Ben. As a result of an accident Medek shot the stranger, who turned out at the wrong time and wrong place. When Ben in a panic trying to communicate with the authorities, a deadly game of cat and mouse, which aims to make the desert to kill the opponent.

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User's Review:

Why is it worth watching: the entire film literally "pulled on themselves" charismatic villain played by Michael Douglas. The famous actor has put all the talent in his character, he added a few personal movements and "catchphrase." As it is now often the case, he was much brighter than the main character. Ironically, by the end of the picture is much more I empathized with Michael Douglas, rather than Dzheremi Irvinu - performer starring in this movie. For obvious advantages can be unambiguously attributed cinematography and music. Due to the interesting shots, ligaments, cutting installation and constant movement of the camera, the director was able to revive even static shots. Music is wonderful sochntaetsya with picturesque shots of mountain wilderness. In important respects it transmits power characters, their "war of minds". Occasionally you can feel the power of the hero Matt, and contrasting them with the hunting of mind of his opponent - a billionaire. Why not see: Against the background of Michael Douglas, all the other characters seem faded extras. The protagonist does not cause sympathy, and nothing is remembered. The rest of the cast so little screen time, that chance to please us something memorable, they simply do not. All the characters are annoyingly one-sided. It is evident that the authors did not try to lay them at least a little depth. Their motives are clear and straightforward, and actions - not just surprise you with its inconsistency. This is perhaps is the weakest part of the picture. Because of the far-fetched scenario moves and a commitment to simplicity, the film will not be able to offer you anything new. There are a fragment, completely copying a scene from a western "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." To my great regret, the director is very spoiled netrivialnayu ending. Continuing the story, the picture loses its unusual "flavor" and finally returning to the old, very simple formula. Conclusion: The film "The game of survival" can blow a sense of nostalgia for the old, straightforward thriller - militants. However, excessive ease spoils the impression from the movie. This movie is perfect for friendly gatherings, when the film "takes a back seat." But to go to the movies on this premiere, I strongly advise you not to.

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