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Banlieue 13 Ultimatum

Free Banlieue 13 Ultimatum movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:41

Genre: Thriller thriller crime fiction

Country: France

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Patrick Alessandro

Actors: Philip Torreton, Daniel Duval, Cyril Raffaelli, David Belle, Elodi Jung MC Jean Gaben, James Diano Launi Muid, Fabrice Flettsinger, Pierre-Marie Mosconi

Budget: 12 million €

Year: September 3, 2009

Download Banlieue 13 Ultimatum

Download Banlieue 13 Ultimatum full movie for free. Patrick Alessandrini (director) and Luc Besson (writer) created a continuation of the acclaimed blockbuster "District 13". Paris 2 years later. 13th district, separated by an even higher wall of civilization, continues to struggle for existence, it shared the influence of five gang area. Leito and Damien once again work together to prevent the chaos that can absorb Paris, if provocations and unrest will increase, and the intelligence services will continue to add fuel to the fire.

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Our Review:

It's been awhile since the two friends parted at the entrance to the 13th district - surrounded by a wall and barbed wire ghettos in Paris. One, Leyte, slowly blows wall and shows first-class parkour, running from the police. Another, Damien Tomaso, a police officer under the guise of a very strong, wears a thong and single-handedly fighting the hordes of enemies, armed with only a landscape Van Goga. While each of them busy with his business, a man with the face of the bastard trying to implement expensive project of reconstruction of the city, which requires (of course, with the help of nuclear weapons) to erase the 13th district in the powder. Since the key to the nuclear briefcase and, accordingly, the authority to erase - the president himself, the defenders of the area to be attributed to him, who is right. Defend and explain are, of course, the two comrades, parkurschik and connoisseur of painting. Through the efforts of Lui Zhana and Auguste Lumière mankind once appeared cinema, through the efforts of their compatriot Luc Besson in the film there was a special "bessonovskoy" genre. In it, unlike the very first film, as a rule, no locomotives, but there is a race on machines, steeplechase and virtuoso fights with stunts - in general, the kinetic energy to preserve and multiply. The reason that people, machines and mechanisms begin to move, is not important, it is important to the movement itself. Nothing that the ill-fated 13th district has tried to carry in the last series - all the running around, then, well, why would not repeat. Therefore, the area is in danger again, Bel actor can heartily run over the walls and stay Raffaeli French Statham. Besson works without further ado, requiring no mental effort on the part of the viewer, simply splashing in it energy. For Van Gogh is a monument to him at all to put, if not an equestrian statue, but at least the bust.

User's Review:

"13th District: Ultimatum" is a very high quality shot parkurnye run errands, as well as super unrealistic fights, such as painting. As in the last part of Damien Tomasso undercover fighting with the crowd heavily armed bad guys and Lieto blows walls and run from the police. A 13 area again in trouble, because the greedy officials want to demolish the area and carry out an expensive rukonstruktsiyu. But our heroes are going to "dream team" and the global dismantling starts here. Well, as always, in the end all happy because the happy ending, all is well. What can we say about the film itself, it can be reviewed several times. Not every movie can boast of such a good story, which in addition is different from the already well naskuchevshego template conventional thriller. In the film, there is no hidden meaning, poetmu you can just sit back and enjoy what is happening. Just no foul language that makes the film enjoyable to watch and proslushivaeniya. In general, "13th District: Ultimatum" worthy continuation of the film "District 13".

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