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Download movie Armageddon for free.

Movie Length: 2:24

Genre: Action Thriller Adventure Science Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Maykl Bey

Actors: Bryus Uillis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Will Patton, Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Buscemi, Uilyam Fihtner, Owen Wilson, Maykl Klark Duncan, Peter Stormare

Budget: $ 140 million

Year: August 18, 1998

download Armageddon

Free download Armageddon movie. At the Earth casts a shadow of a giant asteroid. Scientists have calculated that as a result of the collision, which will happen in a few days on this planet will die even bacteria. NASA Administrator agrees to the proposal of one of his men to blow up the asteroid from the inside. However, first it is necessary to drill, and this task is accomplished by a hereditary driller Harry Stamper (Bryus Uillis) and his team. A group of patriots drillers to quickly pass a training course for space flight and goes towards giant asteroids and… his death. In their hands - billions of lives and the future of the Earth.

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User's Review:

The film tedious, tightened. Nauseating another attempt ascension United States and its values ​​on the rest of the world. Cliches, cliches and still cliches. The names of the American spacecraft natural "freedom" and "independence". Naturally Russian cosmonaut drunk in a cap with earflaps and with a large red star on his chest (maybe someone did not understand that he was Russian). It is amazing that there were no balalaika and bears. Elementary laws of physics do not apply in the film. Astronauts walk on an asteroid like the Earth. Of what it is if the force of gravity is the same as on our planet? It's just something that everyone knows. How many technical errors? NASA counted 168. Love Line is unconvincing. No special effects can not save this film. Probably not by chance the film was nominated in seven categories at the Golden Raspberry.

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