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6 Souls

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Movie Length: 1:52

Genre: detective Thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.1


Actors: Brian Entoni Uilson, Frensis Konroy, Dzhulianna Mur, Dzhonatan Riz Meyers, Dzheffri Demann, Nate Corddry, Bruklin Pru, Dzhoys Fyurring Stephen Ryszard Charles Tekman

Budget: $ 22 million

Year: April 21, 2011

Download 6 Souls

Download movie 6 Souls for free. Mystical horror film. The game's story - the story of a psychiatrist who is faced with an inexplicable case of split personality. Cara Harding - widowed single mother - many years studying the peculiarities of psychological abnormalities. Convinced that the split personality is not a myth, it makes a bold statement, not infrequently sounding like a death sentence for her patients. When Kara gets a tramp who calls himself Adam, she begins to doubt its correctness. Trying to find a rational explanation for his symptoms, Kara makes a shocking discovery. "Asylum" - one of the four joint projects Mons Morlinda and Bjorn Stein, also worked on the film "Storm" and "Underworld: Awakening".

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Our Review:

Forensic psychiatrist Cara Jessup (Dzhulianna Mur) is committed to exposing the criminals with an imaginary split personality syndrome and sends them to the electric chair. But here she comes across an interesting patient (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), who does not pretend to, but suffers from the fact that there are living two people. David confined to a wheelchair, very calm and reasonable. Also he is flighty Adam, who is not familiar with David, but with his feet he's all right. The conversion of one person taking place right in front of Kara David suddenly throws back his head, then he crunches the spine - and now he was a different person. Kara, intrigued by this opportunity, wants to help the patient and begins to carry out something like its own investigation. The farther she is looking for information and delves into documents, the worse it becomes. As it turns out, David and Adam are already dead, and now began to die, and her family. the patient's personality begins troitsya and four, and here he is represented Kare her husband, who also died. The sooner the viewer realizes that the case with David even clinical, and medicine is powerless, the more deeply immersed in a series of meaningless events and loses the thread of the narrative. The plot wedged scary girl, spell, dead bodies, pagan rituals, witch with a pot, which is a mysterious character. The old woman lamely explained that this is the refuge. And if you, little children, have lost their faith in God, then you really can not be saved, and you will die, once upon your backs will start to show a cross and you start coughing up of damp earth. To this is added obscurantism psevdohronika beginning of the XX century, where we are talking about some kind of spiritual healer who collects the souls of the dead. The impression that the director himself suffers from a split personality, suddenly forgetting that filming a psychological thriller.

User's Review:

I will not retell it must experience for yourself. There is in this movie, and logic and meaning, and anything. If you watch until the end - the film is very simple and at the same time, it is not stupid Hollywood stamping. I do not really like Riz Mayersa, and indifferent to Dzhulianne Mur. But they were able to create something that captures 2 hours. View worth. Once so sure. I, for example, the time spent is not sorry. But I will not be reviewed.

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