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5Th Wave

Fantastic dystopia of the last days of humanity, and a girl who is looking for his brother

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Movie Length: 1:52

Genre: Action Thriller Adventure Science Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.2

Director: J.. Bleykson

Actors: Chloe Greys Morets, Nick J. Robinson, Mike Monroe, Liv Shrayber, Maggie Siff, Maria Bello, Aleks Rou, Ron Livingston, Tony Revolori, Zakari Artur

Budget: $ 38 million

Year: January 21, 2016

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5th Wave download movie. Raining down on Earth four deadly and devastating "wave" of alien origin: a total blackout, global destruction, the general epidemic, secret invasion. The fifth wave is already quite close, and Cassie, one of the few who survived, trying in whatever was to find and rescue his younger brother. Her new acquaintance and the last hope for the survival of Evan Uoker readily comes to her rescue, but can you trust him?

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Our Review:

Teenage fiction drama about an alien civilization, plunging humanity into post-apocalypse in order to capture the Earth Middle school Cassie (Chloe Greys Morets) lived the usual problems of the average teenager: friends, lessons, boys, party, dad, mom, younger brother with a teddy bear. But one day the aliens came to Earth - their monstrous plate hangs directly above the town, where the girl's family lived, her friends and neighbors. No signs of life dreaded Flying castle a few days did not submit, and it really started to get used, when suddenly the aliens staged a blockade on people's energy - to cease any engines, electronic gadgets and mechanisms. But that was only the beginning. As the second wave of the invasion of aliens caused a series of earthquakes in the world's oceans, and all coastal inhabitants of the earth were killed by the tsunami waves. On the continental population let loose a modified avian influenza, which were able to obtain immunity only a small percentage of earthlings. In this epidemic Cassie lost her mother. The survivors of the townspeople decided to leave their homes and evacuate the forest, because, as you know, in the town house without electricity to do absolutely nothing, and it is better to live all together in the forest in tents. At this time it began the fourth wave of the invasion, alien drones and snipers launched with the aim to shoot lonely passers-by. At the camp, but no one attacked, but one day there arrived in jeeps, trucks and school buses Detachment of the US Army, led by Colonel Voshem (Liv Shrayber). Obviously, the valiant US military managed to overcome the energy crisis. Military children were loaded on the buses, but as long as Cassie ran into the shed of a teddy bear brother Sam (Zakari Artur), all of them were taken to the air base. So she witnessed riot among adults, resulting in the death of her father. Capturing machine, she alone went in search of his brother. In this way she will meet a handsome guy Evan (Aleks Rou) and engage in mortal combat with alien invaders. Overall, "The 5th Wave" is consistent with the genre of the war of the worlds, from the time of Wells one of the most venerable genre quasi-scientific fiction. Narrative elements of the picture remind variety of films - there is a little of the "Independence Day", "Day the Earth Stood Still," "Alien invasion: The Battle of Los Angeles", "Oblivion", and even the Soviet "Mediator". If to this we add a bit of fiction - not scientific, but ideological, like "Red Dawn" - can gain a fairly complete picture of what it is like "fifth wave". Yet most picture reminds teenage romkomy amazingly naïve clichés about the development of relations between young people. Combined with severe feeding and dramatic circumstances all this is so strong comic effect that involuntarily suspect about his ostentatious. And not a comedy if, in fact, the authors removed the tape? Perhaps they really wanted to add a bit of humor in it, but it looks more stupid than touching. The more so because the main plot the course does not hold water. Why suddenly supercivilization that can in an instant turn off all the earth technique to cause a pandemic and megazemletryaseniya suddenly forced to chase the few remaining humanity with the help of small arms, resorting to complicated tricks, difficult to understand. Although by and large audience of such logic is not too interested in movies, this is clearly too much absurdity. The only thing that is worth watching this movie - a beautiful Chloe Greys Morets, whose talent, apparently, does not allow her to play bad no matter where it was, and that's very sweet. We wish the actress in the future, higher-quality projects.

User's Review:

Cheating. Claimed video, it's the most dynamic in the film. The film is for teenagers, predictable words, actions, absurd plot. I thought that I would see something like a disaster movie, but it's snot, drool. Be sure to read the reviews before you go and spend your money. The science of the future.

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