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Imagine a world where everything is possible

Tomorrowland download movie.

Movie Length: 2:10

Genre: Action Adventure Detective Fiction

Country: US, Spain

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Brad Bird

Actors: Dzhordzh Kluni, Britt Robertson, Hyu Lori, Reffi Kessidi, Tim Makgrou, Ketrin Han, Keegan Michael Key, Christopher Bauer, Thomas Robinson, Pirs Genon, Dzhudi Grir

Budget: $ 190 million

Year: May 21, 2015

download Tomorrowland

Free download Tomorrowland movie. When in the hands of a young girl, hungry for new adventures, gets a mysterious object that provides access to a parallel reality, she is forced to seek help from the cynical genius-inventor Frank. Casey has to convince the former wunderkind uncover her mysterious secret location outside the usual reality, known as the future of the Earth, and to convince Frank to go back to where it once expelled.

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Our Review:

Children's fantasy from the studio "Walt Disney", not carrying the world is nothing new and once again confirms that the eminent film company is experiencing a crisis of ideas. Young NASA engineers daughter, inquisitive adventurer Casey (Britt Robertson) is dreaming about the stars and seriously concerned at the fate of the planet. She wants to improve the world is full of injustice and violence. Once it gets into the hands of an old icon, released in honor of the exhibition of scientific achievements that took place back in 1964. A small piece of metal has the magic power to transfer Casey into another world - beautiful as the most daring dream party mug "Young technician". Once upon a time the icon possessed future inventor Frank (Dzhordzh Kluni), first visited the Earth of the future back in 1964. But the beauty is an illusion, and in our world, and that is brewing a major cataclysm that threatens to destroy humanity. Destined to remedy the situation, of course, Casey. One of the attractions of Disneyland, created back in the 50s of the last century, called "Land of the Future". Only now the studio "Walt Disney" decided on a full-length movie devoted to this pavilion. But the miracle did not happen. Another blockbuster film company pursues corny rashozhie goals shallow entertainment cinema. On the screen running robots, the Eiffel Tower is a secret space center for the elite, Dzhordzh Kluni is doing his best… but despite all efforts, in addition to the demonstration of high technology, which in itself is not news, the film has nothing to offer to the viewer. It seems vague and very promise of the tape. In addition it is executed on a large scale feminist thought (the two main characters - a girl), that the future belongs to the "weaker sex" - more actively and effectively in the "Land of the Future" is practically no originality. Largely made up of quotations, the film frankly tightened, and sometimes not at all in a good old-fashioned. And if at first may even seem that the picture is singing the anthem diligence young, then gradually this feeling leaves the screen, making way for the next fight "for peace in the world." It seems to have become a natural fact that only truly great success in the field of film production in the studio "Disney" are the "Pirates of the Caribbean." Twice into the same river producers apparently not given.

User's Review:

I went to the film fluent reading reviews and, of course, is no good waiting. Suddenly, the movie was very good, sometimes funny, sometimes sentimental. People do not believe the reviews, go and make your own opinion. By the way, the feeling that writing an article about the film itself, watched it casually or not at all looked. At the main character and Clooney were different icons. Not the same, because it is important to the plot. In short: good, funny family film with elements of action.

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