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The Mummy

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Movie Length: 2:05

Genre: Action fantasy adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Stephen Sommers

Actors: Brendan Fraser, Reychel Vays, Dzhon Hanna, Arnold Vosloo, Kevin J.. O'Connor, Oded Fehr, Dzhonatan Hayd, Erick Avari, Bernard Fox, Stiven Danem

Budget: $ 80 million

Year: April 16, 1999 (World)

Download The Mummy

Download movie The Mummy for free. In far-distant times, in ancient Egypt, the High Priest Imhotep fell in love with a concubine Pharaoh Seti I - a beautiful Anak-sous-Namuna. When a harsh ruler witnessed the infidelity, lover killed him. Thereafter Anak-sous-Namuna committed suicide and resurrect her lover asked. Imhotep kidnapped the girl's body and was going to hold a ceremony in Hamunaptre, but Pharaoh's guards found him at the most inopportune moment, and severely punished. Imhotep's body mummified alive, after three millennia found adventurers keen search of ancient treasures. Opening the sarcophagus, they did not suspect that awakened an ancient curse that threatens death to all mankind.

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User's Review:

Very interesting films with a twist will cast terror. Events unfolded perfectly combine love and war, where the events of everyday life relaxed and create an atmosphere of interest, fear and illusions of anticipation to get answers to their questions, or getting rich. The main character in the movie fate presents not only a trip with a group of treasure, but also familiarity with the beautiful girl - a librarian, who was interested in the subject of excavations in ancient Egipte.V search of answers to their questions, she took her brother to the expedition and met a group of O `Conner and such as treasure hunters set out. But no one knew that in ancient times, there was a legend here plight of man received a penalty for touching the wife of Pharaoh of the death penalty. With his awakening, not without the help of outsiders is growing his strength, power and flesh, and the desire to revive the love for which he paid with his life. This means that soon our heroes will face with the evil head-on.

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