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The Lone Ranger

Never remove the mask

The Lone Ranger download movie.

Movie Length: 2:29

Genre: Action Western Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Gore Verbinski

Actors: Dzhonni Depp, Armie Hammer, Tom Wilkinson, Uilyam Fihtner, Barry Pepper, Dzheyms Bedzh Dale, Helena Bonham Carter, Ruth Wilson, Prince Bryant, Meyson Kuk, Dzheyms Freyn, Matthew O'Leary, Timothy V. Murphy

Budget: $ 215 million

Year: July 4, 2013

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The Lone Ranger download movie. Adventure blockbuster. History guardian of the law John Reid, who with the help of the Indian Tonto became legendary masked avenger in standing in defense of justice. Tonto with humor and tall tales tells of the adventures that had to go through two dissimilar heroes converged destiny to fight together against the common enemy. They have to confront greed and corruption at a time when the appearance of the first railways changed the idea of ​​authority and power in the world. The film "The Lone Ranger" is based on the same series of 50-ies.

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Our Review:

Arc reincarnation archetypal cowboy, who won the hearts of American listeners somewhere at the beginning of the last century. Ten years, sharing the idea and the prime minister, weary expectation of many fans of westerns, The Lone Ranger, Dzhonni Deppa, and anything else that might attract the audience to a film based on one of the oldest franchises in the American entertainment industry. In the end, incredible budget was reduced to a little less improbable, as the director was approved by Gore Verbinski - and on the horizon loomed the red first-track. The realization that this is not a harsh western, as you might think, looking at baleen sweaty Rangers, and comedy in the style of "Lemonade Joe" comes soon enough. And almost immediately gives way to suspicion that it is not so simple in the film by Gore Verbinski. However, the coefficient of hilarious jokes is directly proportional to the dramatic events. Armie Hammer as the blue-eyed prosecutor with naive principles that awaits Lone Ranger mask, does silly things; Dzhonni Depp did not even try to get out of the way of Jack Sparrow (from pirates to Indian appeared on the doorstep), commented on their voice from the tomb; and even from time to time someone fall to a heavy object on the forehead and the saber-toothed rabbits mow predatory eye of the frame. In 99% of cases it would simply be boring, but the film comes to the only correct tone when stupidity seem nice, and the actors so clearly sneer at themselves and what is happening, that conquering a glance. From Verbinski awaited new "Pirates" - on the prairies, instead of the Caribbean. He made a slight bow elegant - cited not only his own films, but also a couple of blockbusters. In particular, the monumental scene from "Sherlock Holmes" with nearly giving Downey ship, whose role in the "Ranger" was made by train. And this masterpiece from the world of special effects was only a precursor to the phenomenal rail tricks that definitely provide a tape in history. However, in addition to the necessary and - yes that too - tinsel, "The Lone Ranger" impressive in full bears the clear imprint of thought - who knows, maybe the same one that pondered ten years. Ideologically, it is a kind of moral prehistory to nemesis Tarantino. Noble blond ranger refused to shoot people, kill enemies, and to submit to a sense of place. His faith in the law passes the test with blood, corpses and betrayal. And in general, of course, is losing ground. However, instead of the final cathartic mochilova - virtuoso galloping on a white horse on the runaway train under the overture from "William Tell", known in wider circles as the one-Muzychko pod that-all the time-jumping. The Lone Ranger, as we know, not only never removed his mask, but did not kill anyone. Although it has received it, thanks to Verbinski entitled.

User's Review:

A good movie, I will not write much. Family, fun, there are certainly a couple of nasty shots on the like when the main villain ate man's heart, it was in the beginning of the movie, so then forgotten. A lot of jokes, the operator darling, removed perfectly. In general, the west, canyons, guns, silver, a lot of jokes. If you are a person who likes deep movie, filled with dramatic, life stories that beg to private screenings of auteur cinema. If you just want to relax and have a good time, you can with a clear conscience to go to a movie.

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