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The Last Witch Hunter

Live forever. ever kill

Download The Last Witch Hunter full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Action fantasy adventure

Country: USA, Canada, China

IMDB rating: 6.0

Director: Breck Eisner

Actors: Vin Diesel, Rouz Lesli, Elaydzha Vud, Oulavyur Darri Oulafsson, Rena Owen, Julia Engelbrecht, Maykl Keyn, Dzhozef Gilgan, Isaac De Bankole, Maykl Halsli, Lotte Verbeek

Budget: $ 90 million

Year: October 29, 2015

Download The Last Witch Hunter

Download movie The Last Witch Hunter for free. Our world is full of mysteries and puzzles, but the most surprising - the witches still live among us! These malevolent supernatural beings seek to establish on earth the kingdom of the Black Death. For centuries they resisted the army witch hunters, but to this day in battle survived only one warrior - Calder. Once he was able to destroy the all-powerful queen of witches, who before his death curse his killer, giving him immortality. Century after century the last hunter fighting with witches, not knowing that the queen revived and wants revenge. Coming great battle that will decide the fate of mankind.

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Our Review:

Vin Diesel has a rest from "Fast and the Furious", fighting with witches Vin Diesel, apparently decided to take a break from the protracted "Fast and the Furious" and starred in the fantasy blockbuster "The Last Witch Hunter '. In this picture, the actor appears in not quite the usual way - his character wears a bushy beard. Unfortunately, nothing is more original than the vegetation on the face Wines, the film offers viewers not. Somewhere in the Middle Ages, a group of hunters witch gets to executed in the form of a spreading tree giant abode main witch. Calder (Diesel) emerges victorious from the battle with the mistress of the house, however, that before the death of the hero manages to curse, giving him immortality. It takes eight centuries. Calder gets rid of the beard, but continues to fight the witches, with the support of the secret order, the hunter puts someone like a personal secretary. When once this assistant (Maykl Keyn), announces retirement and on the same evening in a coma, Diesel hero feels wrong. To understand the situation, it is helped by the new secretary (Elaydzha Vud) and imagine a witch. Red-haired beauty Chloe (Rouz Lesli) initially not eager to work in a team with Calder, but, as they say, circumstances force. Diesel, probably not sverhtalantlivy actor, but in its place it looks very impressive. Another thing is that thriller about magic - this is clearly not his comfort zone. He tushuetsya and mumbles; demonstrative scene: Chloe tone, suppress the opposition, said that the lead car and Diesel have no choice but to flop into the passenger seat. Look at the wines, not to manage the situation, rather painfully. However, the director of the situation is also not very much in control - at least judging by the action-packed episodes: they are removed so that the screen turns into mush, and the audience in the best case does not understand what is happening (in the worst - experiences with vestibular problems apparatus). It is strange that in a fairly expensive (budget "Hunter" - $ 70 million) in 2015 fighting the tape turned out so vague. On the other hand, in the vague "hunters" came not only fighting. It is surprisingly dull visually movie; the film is sustained in some dull palette, but it does not create a special mood of anxiety, but rather lulls. Veteran actor Kane went to one of the most dreary role of his career - most of timing, he lies motionless with a sallow face. The villains are one-dimensional and predictable. Some recovery is making unless Leslie, her character and a half hours even gives a couple of relatively successful jokes. "The Last Witch Hunter ', of course, hardly deserves to be included in the list of the worst films of the year. The inheritance pictures - entertain lowly viewers and erase the memory of a couple of hours after the show. He did not want to criticize, let alone finish it - not an opponent of the weight class. Just know that the sequel "The Hunter" was conceived by the studio in the months before the first part were released. Calder care what you think about it, he will live forever.

User's Review:

Surprised 'reviews this edition, is clearly not a fan of this genre. Great movie, an incredible cast, interesting plot. At the beginning of the film Calder (Diesel) wins the queen of witches, who, before his death, knowing that the main character has lost all the family, cursed to immortality, 800 years later, the sorcerer tries her to resurrect what prevents Diesel, who is in holy orders, with a single witch, the film darkish since all such works. Fans of the genre recommend a look.

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