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The Crow

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Movie Length: 1:42

Genre: Action fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.6

Director: Alex Proyas

Actors: Brendon Li, Maykl Uinkott, Rochelle Davis, Ernie Hudson, Bay Lin, Sofia Shinas, David Patrick Kelly, Endzhel Devid, Lourens Meyson

Budget: $ 15 million

Year: May 11, 1994 (World)

Download The Crow

Free The Crow movie torrent. Young aristocrat Eric and his girlfriend Shelly killed on the eve of Halloween, in a dark and terrible night, at the hands of a gang of rapists and killers hired black realtors. It takes a year, and Eric returns from the dead to take revenge on their oppressors. Guide young people from one world to another becomes a black raven. Eric invulnerable until the bird accompanies it. But the leader of the gang, realizing that crow - a weak spot menacing avenger, trying to get even with feathered demon.

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User's Review:

One of my favorite movies, which I have repeatedly revisited in due time. The main can be considered as a phrase that can be traced throughout the entire film. "It used to believe that when a person dies, the raven carries his soul in the land of the dead. But sometimes something so bad that the soul carries a terrible sadness and can not find peace. And sometimes, very rarely, the raven can return the soul back to right the wrongs…"Guitarist Eric Dreyven, played by Brandon Lee (who died during the filming of the movie) and his girlfriend Shelly Webster are going to start a family. But on the eve of Halloween, killed by the hands of the gang, hired black realtors. However, a year later, with the help of Eric Crow - the conductor of the world of the dead to the living world - rises and takes revenge on their killers. I can see and feel about the film in this way: The rain can not go on forever. The entire film look with internal stress. Twilight, rain, crows fluttering over the night city and the avenging angel, who must find, those who take the life of him and his beloved. His soul is so tired of the pain and despair. She wants justice. And the world of the dead conductor gives her the opportunity. In this film, everything is interconnected, whole. This film is about doing things that we must remember that for them it is necessary to answer one way or another, in this world or the other.

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