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Star Wars: Episode VII -The Force Awakens

Each generation has its own history

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Movie Length: 2:15

Genre: Action adventure fantasy fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.1

Director: JJ Abrams

Actors: Dzhon Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oskar Ayzek, Adam Driver, Donal Glison, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Maks Fon Syudov, Andy Serkis, Gvendolin Kristi, Piter Meyhyu, Simon Pegg, Kenni Beyker, Lupita Nyong'o, Entoni Deniels, Warwick Davis, Iko Uais

Budget: $ 200 million

Year: December 17, 2015

Download Star Wars: Episode VII -The Force Awakens

Free download Star Wars: Episode VII -The Force Awakens movie. 30 years after the death of Darth Vader and the Emperor of the galaxy is still in danger. Public education is the New Order led by the mysterious supreme leader Snoke and his right hand Kailo Wren follows in the footsteps of the Empire, trying to grab all the power. In this difficult time, fate brings young girl Rae and former stormtrooper New Order Finn with the heroes of the war against the Empire - Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Leia Queen. Together, they have to fight the New Order, but there comes a time when it becomes apparent that only a Jedi can stop Snoke and Kaylo Rena. And in the galaxy survived only one.

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Our Review:

A new episode of "Star Wars" will not disappoint longtime fans of the series The seventh episode of "Star Wars" caused quite a stir immediately after the announcement - that is still before the fans know the official name of the film, the director's name and approximate composition employed in the film actors. It was connected, including the fact that the band was announced almost simultaneously with the acquisition of studio Lucasfilm by Disney. Some fans felt that under the new leadership of the famous franchise Lucas zahireet. Now we can say with certainty that they were wrong. After about 30 years after the first trilogy (which is part of the internal chronology of the series was the second), the galaxy is in a state of some irritation. Militaristic organization "first order", which has, it seems, unlimited resources, is trying to take over the planets and the stars, it is opposed by the resistance forces; Luke Skywalker was gone without a trace. On the desert planet Jacchia pilot AU (Oskar Ayzek) detects the information carrier, capable to bring it to Lucas trace. But as luck would protect the flash drive is necessary not to On, and a simple (albeit very capable) girl with Jacchia Rey (Daisy Ridley), Soldier Finn (Dzhon Boyega), defected from the ranks of the "First Order" and touching droid BB-8. At BB-8 would like to stay a little more in detail, at least for the reason that the droids in the universe of "Star Wars" has always occupied a special place. Other characters perceive them as animated characters - robots talk like children, it is assumed that they are in the mood, they often protect as royals. That's BB-8 watch over, as they can, but it is a sign of gratitude replay Ridley and John Boyega, just squeaking and playfully tilting polusferu- its "head". However, then appear in the frame C-3PO and R2-D2, and BB-8 on their background darkened somewhat. But droids - not only greetings from the past: everyone knows that in the seventh episode on the screen returns heroes Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. Yield Han Solo, Lea and Skywalker, of course, produces the audience not less effect than the appearance of C-3PO and R2-D2. They are waiting; the most ardent fans, in general, even the new characters are not important, Give them classic. Fans complain there is nothing, references to episodes from the fourth to sixth in the new film abound (the part of the first to third, apparently the writers were not in favor). On the other hand, those who are only now starting to familiarity with the "Star Wars", also did not leave offended: the plot to make the most effective manner, the old coexists with the new types of luxury (if somewhat boring - alien landscapes that have become popular thanks to Lucas, then were replicated in other films and video games), eye-popping special effects, dynamic battles. Everything is in place, all the elements fit perfectly together. However, it is in this ideal lies the catch. "The Awakening forces" looks like a typical blockbuster December. All of the above compliments to the same extent applies to last year's "The Hobbit" and earlier "Lord of the Rings." This is a very expensive, very professionally done and quite fascinating movie, to be followed by sequels and offshoots, apparently, no less quality. Perhaps the definition of a "typical" - the most offensive of all, what you can apply to the franchise, the first issues which determined the face of science fiction space in the years ahead.

User's Review:

As a sincere fan of the saga, I would say - the movie crap, the worst episode of "Star Wars." he'd better not shot, Abrams just crap. Him after this film at all for several years can not allow anything to shoot. Let's start from the beginning. Attention! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? 1. Why is the main villain wears a mask? Why is she to him? He was not injured, the airways in order, all of the persons on the spot. Anakin would gladly go without a mask, but it is vital, he can not breathe without it. The director is absolutely not justified the need for a mask Kailo Rena. Every detail of the director must justify - that's his job. For example, in "Batman" (Kristofera Nolana), it is clear why he raincoat (with the help of it, he can soar), the sensor change the voice that no one knew the voice, the mask is also clear why, etc. Here I do not have anything to think out each chip is needed for something, it is not just. The director did everything correctly and clearly. And then nothing. Only the question arises bunch. 2. The main villain is none at all. Why does he constantly smashing furniture? Is that a director's discovery, and only because of this, we must understand that it is the main villain? Then let the captions under it - the "villain". Why Kailo Rehn, who is studying at an early age have the greatest Jedi Luke's use of force and possession of a lightsaber is not so long to deal with the common man (Phin)? Actually why he fights with him where he got it so long? The planet is collapsing, it crushes the resistance and he would have to hurry up and help her. And the question arises, why did he just killed him instantly by force. Musorschitse, which for the first time in my life picked up a laser sword - all lost! He was lucky, that remained alive. But in his film called Master of the Knights. This is complete nonsense, there's a simple logic. 3. With regard to the plot. He practically lapped the 4th and 6th episodes. Again droid with a secret message on a deserted planet, another Death Star, a small yellow Innkeeper (Yoda-substitute), not remind you of anything? In general, how to create Order remove such weapons and no one in the Republic did not notice. Why Luke had gone into exile, knowing that his pupil turned to the dark side and now he is the strongest in the galaxy and will kill with impunity all the right and left, and no one but Luke will not be able to stop him. Where is the logic in this, why it was impossible to isolate him and not let things take their course. If he ran away - look for it until you catch such a present galaxy arranged and dumped. 4. To learn to use the power you need to learn over the years, and our main character is only vaguely heard the legend of the Jedi, and has no idea about their capabilities as soon learns that it is the power starts to use it as well as any Master. And why it is such a cool pilot? All my life I have lived on the planet, in the desert collecting garbage. The film did not stated that it is a pilot, perhaps lunch with a helmet on the head of the pilot. Why is it necessary to think out all by yourself. For example a small Anakin whole life lived in the parts shop for spaceships. He is collecting orders Otto. He studied slowly, eventually collected car and won the race, and there I understand why he's a great pilot. Luke Skywalker finished the Summer Academy. All this is there stated and understood. Immediately stated that she was just a bum. We are invited to stupidly believe her word for it that it is the pilot. 5. Not one interesting and memorable dialogue, for which the writers get paid for that? Not one of the original plot turn, I've seen it a thousand times. Boredom concrete. The film was very childish. The list could go on and on, I've described only what is exactly on the surface. As a result, the best character in the film - it's a droid-bun.

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