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Spider-Man download movie.

Movie Length: 2:01

Genre: Action fantasy adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Sem Reymi

Actors: Tobi Maguayr, Kirsten Dunst, Uillem Defo, Dzheyms Franko, Cliff Robertson, Rosemary Harris, JK Simmons, Dzho Manganello, Dzherri Beker, Bill Nunn

Budget: $ 139 million

Year: May 1, 2002

Download Spider-Man

Free download Spider-Man movie. Peter Parker - an ordinary schoolboy, a loser and a bore. He lives a normal life, secretly dreaming of her neighbor, Mary Dzheyn Uotson. Peter did not respect classmates, he has no friends, but once bitten hero Spider-mutant and inconspicuous nerd turns into superman. Now it is able to climb walls, move with incredible speed and throw strong as steel web. Life turns into a fairy tale. However, Spider-Man does not have time to enjoy the new features: an effect, and a new area of ​​responsibility, and the city is declared a villain nicknamed the Green Goblin, who challenged our hero.

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User's Review:

When the powerless police, the army and the judiciary, it appears, a hero with a strong web, saves the world and kisses simple character… Alas, our world is degrading - the old tales are outdated, unpretentious comic book heroes woven web, which got millions of dollars, euros and rubles, primarily belonging, in general, the creatures of the genus Homo sapiens. In addition to the extraordinary story of predictability, the abundance of computer graphics and film stars (and potential zvezdulechek Zvezdunov) modern action should include a healthy morality: Pumped and powerful evil is caught and severely beaten, orphan-Welcome is perched on countless posters and now dreams at night impressionable virgins after movie sources… Once a humble and honest boy, Peter Parker (Tobi Maguayr), resent insensitive guys orphan, secretly in love with a beautiful woman, a neighbor in the class of Dzheyn Uotson (Kirsten Dunst) gets on a tour of the lab, where it gently biting spider, apparently the victim of the next academic experiment. And Peter gets a wonderful ability, without going at the same time a proper safety course for superheroes. And then there's dad's best friend, a caring and polite Norman Osborn (Uillem Defo), engaged in secret military development without receiving the next financial infusions in the production of dangerous miracle horror, to experiment on himself and turns into a substandard Green Goblin, cut through the air at flying glider and makes permanent stupidity, including - the seizure of his girlfriend of spider-Man! Among the abundance of a variety of special effects do not get too indulge in reflections on the topic - and why all the dialogues between the main representatives of Good and Evil sound like a conversation with something anxious teenagers. Which is understandable in principle - after all, the film won the MTV Movie Awards… in the nomination "Best Kiss." Could not the same Spider-Man for reasons of political correctness, to kiss the Green Goblin. If you are bored with life in this world, then your service has "Spider-Man 2" and "Spider-Man 3".

On this page you can download Spider-Man full movie for free.

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