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They were looking for the cradle of humanity, and found his death

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Movie Length: 2:04

Genre: Action Horror Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Ridli Skott

Actors: Numi Rapas, Logan Marshall-Green, Maykl Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Gay Pirs, Sean Harris, Reyf Spoll, Benedict Wong, Patrick Wilson

Budget: $ 250 million

Year: May 31, 2012

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Download Prometheus full movie for free. In his new project, Ridli Skott, director of the film "Alien" and "Blade Runner," returns to the genre that they also at one time was created. In search of the sacred knowledge of a team of scientists sent to the darkest and unexplored palaces of the universe. It was there, in distant worlds, is at the limit of their mental and physical abilities, they will start a merciless battle for the future of all mankind ...

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Our Review:

Visually perfect and stocked - one might even say, a crowded - sense (which, however, may well be the usual scenic flaws) fi thriller Ridli Skotta; a worthy legacy of his "Alien." 2089. The scientific team headed by a pair of lovers each other anthropological - Dr. Shaw (Rapas) and Dr. Holloway (Marshall-Green) - locates on stony Scottish islet intriguing cave drawing: humanoid giant indicating distant galaxies. Anthropologists understand this: the Giants - the mysterious creators of all life on Earth, and drawings - a kind of invitation to pay him a friendly visit. 2094. Spaceship "Prometheus" with a team of scientists under the leadership of the various profiles of the above doctors, arrives at one of the planets of the galaxy itself. The purpose of the study, sponsored by a mysterious corporation - to find wise and presumably friendly progenitors of the human race in order to get to know them. Grandparents really are pretty fast, but then everything goes according to plan. Speaking, the new film Ridli Skotta - perhaps the best thing was shot in the genre of sci-fi since "Moon 2112" Duncan Jones. And since the "Prometheus" refers to the kind of films that carry the greater the pleasure, the less know about them, those who want to accept the story of the alien intelligence unclouded consciousness, better stop reading this optimistic note. Please note only that should go into the room with a big screen and 3D - This is a rare case where a fashionable third dimension is fully justified, adding ekstraportsiyu "wow-effect". ... Ridli Skott for a long time conceived a return to the "Alien" and in fact from the very beginning assumed that it will carry out in the format of a prequel, but provided to reporters during the filming of buying information strongly hinted that as a result of repeated rewriting the script from the original idea was gone . Well, even if this is so, we have really a prequel, in fact - the backbone of the plot of this prequel boldly borrowed from the original. The spaceship "Prometheus" is in some way replaces "Nostromo" colorful Swedish Numi Rapas - a little more than sentimental incarnation Sigurni Uiver, and even android robot found its counterpart in a magnificent performance by Michael Fassbender. However, in contrast to the rather straightforward developing action "Alien", the plot of this film develops in the story is much more elaborate (get ready for that tie ends meet will not immediately). From transition to some entirely different quality level of "Prometheus", alas, keep the genre conventions - the secondary characters are traditionally strive to touch the unknown crap, one form of which tells clearly that touch her in any case not necessary, and the one who instructed to keep abreast of what is happening, not distracted by a very good reason at the crucial moment - but even this is a strange way not spoil the overall picture. And if we talk about special effects, then Dzheymsa Kemerona and his "Avatar" came more dark and adult competitor: everything that happens on the planet since landing on her nosy scientists - just a feast for the visual. Considering that in itself the final tape - quite a powerful application for a sequel, prequel sequel (sorry) can be expected in the foreseeable future. However, Ridley Scott plans also capturing history, "Blade Runner", so that there is a risk that the director's chair in this project takes someone from the outside. And it will, of course, damn shame, because as the author of "Alien" has the rare ability to balance between pop and, relatively speaking, "A Space Odyssey", which makes it a genre projects casket with a double, or even triple bottom. Well, fingers crossed, that we still have.

User's Review:

Okay, put 4, in principle, the film (compared to the slag shaft) quite think of anything. I would like to dwell on stupid things. Not that pozanudstvovat just listed idiocies hinder viewing. So, sir. Start ... plonetyanina suicide theme creator by "drink the poison" with the collapse of the DNA chain is not clear… it is thus "engendered" people grohnuvshis with waterfall ???? One pleased - muzzle of his face with a high nose bridge directly refers to the Greek sculpture with the same nose. Not pleased with the fact that the 3-meter humanoid-kin of men can not look like that because of the gravity, it must be much more massive. Flight… After all woke up and found out that no one is familiar with each other, it became clear that all die. So be it scientific expedition to the unexplored worlds hold… Android with fascist muzzle is fine, it is immediately clear that the villain. Charlize is beautiful, though not young. And that's why the role of a decrepit old man - the owner of a corporation made up as normal humans is not clear. Kosmolot… it is clear that making a real close offal (eg in a submarine) in the movie, no one will, but why ceilings of 4 meters and corridors with the same width? The ship turned inside 4 times higher than outside - at different stages of its size easy to estimate. arrived…. You think, made a couple of turns in orbit for 20 seconds of screen time, find something radar and decided to sit there? FIGS you - collapsed immediately right into the storm and after shouting "look at the mountain of 16 thousand (in frames no more appeared, but was supposed to be a third of the horizon), sit right there wondering" sat exactly where you have on the planet an area of ​​200-300 million square kilometers. sally…. first some nasty smoking horseradish hold in your hands is not clear on that point crap (it turned out that it was a flamethrower, converted out of a sprayer from Auchan Garden with matching efficiency), but he said sternly, "we have a scientific expedition," and he did postponed. About what to do if you meet some local bear or a monitor lizard is not known. Moved at some straykeropodobnom APC unarmed and 2 buggies on gusenichka ridiculous. Nowhere, except the place of the planet, but the deserts of Iraq, Afghanistan, these things can not ride or winter near Ryazan, nor in the jungles of Indonesia, or in the swamps of Western Siberia. Equipment… Android does not correspond to the technical level of the expedition, he had a couple of hundred years later. Smashing as a three-liter jar with tomatoes helmets and "suits" who would tear during the assault raspberry bushes deliver no less flamethrowers from Auchan. In general, security - full seams, bad smoking horseradish turned geologist, not a fighter. About Action RKHBZ troops during degassing, decontamination writers also not told, so the inside of the ship dragged all the stuff, what to pick up. So off we go…. Why android infected team member is not clear that he expected the grandfather (puzzled question prolong his life) hear from the awakened "creator" lying in kriosne not clear, my grandfather only himself from the dream - to present its response to the wake-up on his ship some goblin with a question "how do you earn your first billion" prevents or senile, or writers…. but the "creator" does not disappoint and woke him up monkeys responded massacre, and then on an infected ship full of dead bodies of their relatives was going to go somewhere…. but most importantly - it is the absence of conservation of energy and mass… Well, ladies in red for half a day up to 3 kilograms of skunk can be with lady juice sucked, but we just do not see how she lost weight, but when the same octopus (locked in medical laboratories) in a few hours has a weight of 200-300 pounds, then the question arises - what he ate?

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