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Looper download movie.

Movie Length: 1:58

Genre: Action fiction

Country: US, China

IMDB rating: 7.4

Director: Rayan Dzhonson

Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bryus Uillis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Dzheff Deniels, Piper Perabo, Treysi Toms, Garret Dillahunt, Nuu Ahn Nguyen, Noah Segan


Year: September 27, 2012

download Looper

Looper download movie. In the future, made possible travel time. Using this, the crime syndicate has found an original way to remove "undesirable" people: it sends them to the past, where the victim waiting for the killers. Thus, the unwanted people "erased" from this forever. Everything goes smoothly until, until one young shooter (Gordon-Levitt) does not receive the next order. And there is a problem, a very big problem. For the victim - a little aged he (Willis)!

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Our Review:

A movie of the most interesting of the young Hollywood directors, which is present not only Bryus Uillis, but also philosophical context. 2044. Already discovered time travel, but they are classified and are subject only to the powerful corporations. The powers that be have invented a way of getting rid of undesirable persons: they are sent from the future to the past, where they are waiting for assassins immediately thrust the victims shot in the head. Under the contract, they are obliged to immediately shoot the victim, not allowing her to escape from the place of execution. But there is another side to the coin. Sometimes in the past, you can find yourself. And then there are problems. Not everyone is able to close the loop and commit suicide, even spread over time. One of the killers named Joe (Gordon-Levitt) is true doing his job and wants to go to France. But not all so simple. At first, Joe finds out that in the future, the mysterious wound powerful boss named Shaman, which closes the loop of all the agents. Then losing his best friend to colleagues, who failed to close the loop. And after all, and he embarks on a run, after his other self from the future (Willis) escapes from the place of execution, and obviously does not intend to die. Director and screenwriter Rayan Dzhonson known for his debut - film "Brick", neo-noir of the life of the provincial high school students who were involved in the aesthetics Deshela Hammett and David Lynch. Fine then removed, adventurous and underrated "The Brothers Bloom." And now a new round of genre: fiction charade with elements of thriller and direct quotations from the classics. Despite the entangled plot, the main impact has stunning brilliant direction - sharp brevity inherent gifted filmmakers. Due to this offset neprorabotki scenario. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays a young Bryusa Uillisa, general can be a separate topic for an article. And it's not in makeup, which had been worked experts previously noted in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and the latest "Men in Black". Against the background of "time loop" genre crisis seems a refreshing shower a genuine novelty, bird accidentally flown to the screen from a parallel world. And most importantly - it leaves some questions open. As the true philosophy, which must serve as a warm-up for anyone wanting mind.

User's Review:

Filmed (director, cameraman) is quite good, but the plot (the script), the question remains: - Why can not kill in the future, and to send the body back in time (to save on s / n, succeeding last killers on gravediggers)? - If you can not kill in the future, because there is no place to hide the body, why kill his wife in the future, "Bruce", rather than to send it to the past and kill it? - In the past, someone cut off his hand-foot as a friend of the protagonist, how can he live up to its dispatch from the future into the past for a penalty, not to mention the fact that in the past it was enough to kill the young, to escape from the place penalty old disappeared as happened in the finals with Bruce? - The fact that Bruce was the killer of a simple infanticide, meaning "good" influence of his wife?

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