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Free Lightspeed movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Action fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 2.5

Director: Don E. FontLeRoy

Actors: Dzheyson Konneri, Nicole Eggert, Daniel Goddard, Lee Majors, Maykl Flinn, KS Clyde Scott Hanks, Kari Hawker, Dzhoys Koen, Dzheyms Dzheymison


Year: July 22, 2006 (World)

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Lightspeed download movie. "The speed of light» - sci-fi thriller from the creators of the series "Artificial Intelligence". Daniel Lin - elite special agents of the CIA unit - gets severely damaged during the blasting of the building hosted a suicide mutant named Python. Once in the hospital, Lin will have a long rehabilitation. But during radiotherapy in medical fails - get a powerful dose of radiation, Lin discovers supernatural powers. Moving on its two, it reaches the speed of light, which opens up new possibilities in the fight against terrorism.

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