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jupiter Ascending

Fantastic story from the Wachowski family of the girl Jupiter with unique genetics

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Movie Length: 2:07

Genre: Action adventure fantasy fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.4


Actors: Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, James D'Arcy, Shon Bin, Duglas But, Gugu Embata Rho, Terry Gilliam, Tappens Midlton, Sharlotta Bomont, Bae Doo-na

Budget: $ 176 million

Year: February 5, 2015

Download Jupiter Ascending

Free download Jupiter Ascending movie. Jupiter Jones was born under the night sky, and all the signs predicted that the girl has great achievements. Jupiter rose and every day sees a star in his sleep, but waking up in the tough reality, where she works as a cleaner and wash toilets. Jupiter personal life, too, leaves much to be desired, until she meets Kane. Kane, a former military hunter, comes to Earth to Jupiter to find and discover the girl her true destiny. Due to their genetic characteristics, Jupiter becomes a contender for the incredible heritage that can change the balance in the universe.

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Our Review:

The creators of "The Matrix" expose the disastrous third film in a row to the audience. Young nelegalka Jupiter Jones with her mother and aunt in the morning until the evening engaged in only one - cleaning homes of wealthy citizens of Chicago. And all because her father, a Russian astronomer who died in tragic circumstances in Leningrad, Russian did not leave the mother is no other choice but to immigrate to the United States. Having learned to deftly wield a cloth and a brush for toilet, Jupiter, whose real name turns out to be Bolotnikova endlessly complains about his unenviable fate - exactly to the moment, as the inconspicuous-looking aliens are not trying to kill her. Fortunately, she is saved by a space mercenary appeared in time with pointed ears, hired some of the most powerful houses in the universe. Naturally, she is chosen - and what a. By and large, the whole plot of the new film the Wachowski brothers and sisters at the same time reminiscent of straightforwardness and excessiveness agonizing science fiction 70s. From there, apparently, people came with pointed ears, saying, reptiles, pilots of spaceships with an elephant's head, hyperspace jumps, frilly spaceships and much more. "Jupiter Ascending" in general are not more like a movie, and some long hours of adventure game of the second tier: the script overloads mythology, the terms and the rest of the attributes of even the most resistant viewer. The trouble is that only one - all these fantasies do not develop and do not use a story that - like it or not - must be put in intended for this for two hours. On the other hand, the visual side of the new Wachowski movie is not inferior, perhaps, none of the latest blockbusters. Space, stars, infinitely smakuemy Jupiter, the rings of Saturn - everything was extremely realistic and colorful. Innumerable pixels threaten to cut right to the auditorium when the screen displays the next space vehicles - the ingenuity of the design would be enough, perhaps, for a few paintings on a smaller scale. But the alien animals, including a girl with a ba-a-al-Shimi ears, looks like the series "Star Trek" mixed with "Babylon 5" and gave it brew, that is completely awful. However, it is extremely aesthetic and individual claim. The main failure of the "Jupiter Ascending" is another - all this variety and visual feast unbearably boring to watch. Primitive script, sharpened by the Hollywood stars (projected their charisma somehow revives characters) makes exactly two favors: jokes about the Russian, when the frame appears the family Bolotnikova (which is rare), and is almost a parenthesis with Terry Gilliam , parodying his "Brazil." Yet the rest of the action scenes, strung on a foul decades ago, the idea of ​​trying to somehow justify the $ 150 million spent on production.

User's Review:

I read a lot of reviews on this film, and basically everything is not too positive. If you want to look gorgeous visuals, enchanting combination of colors in combination with a dynamic story, then the movie for you. This is a good, high-quality, dynamic fantastic action movie, not the author's cinema. And there is much talk about the film, but on the whole the impression is created after seeing the positive.

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