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Ironclad: Battle for Blood

Download movie Ironclad: Battle for Blood for free.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Action adventure

Country: United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 4.3

Director: Dzhonatan Inglish

Actors: Tom Austin, Tom Rice Harris, Roxanne McKee, Daniel Webb, Rosie Day, David Caves, Endi Bekvit, Twin Lee Moore, Predrag Belak, Mishel Feyrli


Year: June 12, 2014

Download Ironclad: Battle for Blood

Free Ironclad: Battle for Blood movie torrent. Continued medieval slasher. The film "Ironclad 2: Vendetta" takes us back to the dark and cruel times England XIII century, immersing you in one of the most turbulent periods of English Middle Ages. A group of knights mercenaries united under the leadership of the young Hubert against bloodthirsty Celtic tribes, obsessed with revenge for the death of the son of their leader. Against the background of fierce fighting weave, bloodshed, generosity coexists with betrayal, love, hate, cruelty with compassion.

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Our Review:

Historical thriller about the battle with the bloodthirsty revolutionaries noble separatists for the land, which they both consider theirs. Detachment of the Scottish separatists are talking on their land, looting, raping and killing the local population. During the siege of the castle of the English, the English outpost in Scotland, killed the son of the leader of the Celts, and the old owner of the castle received a mortal wound. He instructs his son Hubert (Fig Tom Harris) to find a distant relative of the family of Guy (Tom Austin), famous professional knight, capable of ensuring the protection of the castle. After the war against the English King Yakova Gay has become cynical and taken to fight only for the money. But Hubert has no choice, and he hires a cousin, and along with a couple of mercenary - corrupt executioner Piropinta (Endi Bekvit), pursued by the authorities, and his frustrated victim, crazy killer Mary (Twin Le Mur). Despite the desire of director Jonathan English paintings to create a historical thriller in the spirit of "Warlords", "El Cid" and "Viking", it turned out rather low-budget film about knights pass, except that pulling on the show element. Poorly played, uninteresting characters, clumsy dialogue - perhaps the viewer could be made to follow the endless developments in the "Game of Thrones", but as a separate picture of "Ironclad" is very little interest. The only thing that can be noted here - a rare naturalistic and bloody battle, even amputation of the hand is shown in detail and with saws sound bites into the bone. But just as the hero of this operation did not help to survive, naturalistic brutality does not save a weak script and poor play actors. Interesting except that the context in which the tape comes out - to portray the Scots fighting on their land for their independence bloody separatists a year is a real referendum on secession of Scotland from the UK - it is somehow too much for coincidence. Hopefully, with the director's name is not speaking deliberately picked.

User's Review:

The name "Ironclad 2" movie does not deserve. The hero of the first part of the hero in this filmed delirium, or rather "dirty son of a whore", all completely different. What a storyline after the first part of the film is missing, except for the phrase in reference to the main character of the person, "Tell me what happened in the battle against the king." In fact, even this reminder delusional. Because in the last part of the King of the decision of Parliament or the charter of the oligarchs, sorry Lords - was removed from power. While the interim government led by the Bishop of the Church of the catalyst returned lords, knights and servants with the crusade to his homeland. Militants led by diktatora- pretender to the throne tried to take power into their own hands, and on the way they got our hero Templar. And in this film, the Scots on their land war against the invaders from England (Anglo-Saxon beasts and the children of filthy whores). The pretext is a vendetta, which incidentally would not be if the rebels did not sack the castle. And generally what vendetta in this cartoon trying to uncover, but again to no avail. Blood feud is when brother avenges his brother, etc. or a good example in this century Germany the Second World War, the Americans in Iraq (although they blew up their own). Blood feud is characteristic only of the Anglo-Saxons and who is not. Consequently, a film for Anglo-Saxons. Sucks, for a viewing audience still have to pay, so they are not scattered.

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