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Ironclad download movie.

Movie Length: 2:01

Genre: Action adventure

Country: USA, Germany, UK

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Dzhonatan Inglish

Actors: Pol Dzhamatti, Dzheyson Fleming, Brayan Koks, Dzheyms Pyurfoy, Keyt Mara, Derek Dzhekobi, Charlz Dens, Dzhemi Formen, Makenzi Kruk, Riz Parri Jones

Budget: $ 25 million

Year: March 24, 2011

download Ironclad

Ironclad download movie. A screen adaptation of the historical fact of the Magna Carta, which was signed by England's King Ioann Bezzemelny in 1215 as a peace with the opposition in the form of the barons who were dissatisfied with the strengthening of royal power in the country. But the king did not keep his word and decided to go with an army of mercenaries and to win back the land for the purpose of return to tyranny. The path of the royal army blocked Rochester Castle, which was defended by a small detachment of the Templar Knights. Templar forces compared with the army of the King are not equal, but they are driven by a desire to not only win, but also the intention to restore justice.

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Our Review:

1215. Korol Dzhon, alias John (Pol Dzhamatti), irritated defiance barons refused to ratify the charter of liberties, making it to the monarch's scope. He simply employs a whole army of pagan Danes and begins to pick locks belonging to the rebel barons. But especially the strategically important castle of Rochester, besides barons inhabited Thomas Marshall (Dzheyms Pyurfoy) - Templar knight, a vow of silence, obedience and chastity. All these vows he consistently breaks, but the king of this hate, no less. Danish mercenaries bounce off the walls like a ball of Rochester castle remains inaccessible for many months. Barons sent messengers to France, asking for help and send a new king. In general, the plot of "Ironclad" looks very instructive. Ruler orders to kill their own citizens in the country begins the civil war, the international community in the face of Catholic Rome quickly solves the problem of the invasion, and the French authorities, until recently born with King John, send troops to overthrow him. Directed by Dzhonatan Inglish diversify this rich historical material, as it may, tightening already medieval manners, where he feels it necessary, or, on the contrary, greatly facilitating the life of his characters. Arms, legs, head fly across the screen tens, cuts a dashing Templar enemies in half, and the King shows some miracles of self-mutilation. While the owner of the castle spouse behaves over nesrednevekovo. Forgetting all shame, she literally haunts Ironclad, thinking that once he broke the vow of silence, and then the rest of it, too, can. And, in fact, these are boring and sickening bloody showdown with rare erotic-melodramatic moments can be transferred at any time and place. A Charter, because that was such a noise is replaced by any other subject worthy of a fight: the Holy Grail, Helen of Troy, a constitutional amendment, or, for example, a new vaccine from the corporation "Umbrella".

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