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Free Hellboy movie torrent.

Movie Length: 2:02

Genre: Action adventure fantasy fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Actors: Ron Perlman, Dag Dzhons, Selma Blair, Dzhon Hort, Rupert Evans, Karel Roden, Dzheffri Tembor, Brayan Stil, Ladislav Beran, Biddy Hodson

Budget: $ 66 million

Year: September 9, 2004

download Hellboy

Download movie Hellboy for free. Hellboy - this is another film adaptation of Hollywood comic book hero "Hellboy: The hero from hell." The film takes place at the end of the Second World War. The Nazis were defeated, one after the other. But they also hid the "ace in the hole." They are counting on the help of mystical otherworldly force. As a result of the study and research of various occult tomes and rituals, the Nazis found the data that will help them to summon a demon of Hell. It Nazis hope to turn the tide of the war. But the Allied forces discover the secret laboratory of the Nazis, which was yet to happen, and pay Nazi ideas against them. But the Allied forces have yet to fall on evil days of creatures, far more dangerous than the Demons of Hell.

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Our Review:

The film is about a young demon suspiciously similar to Tom Waits. Hellboy - hero comics Dark Horse, a supernatural creature from hell. He appeared in Scotland in 1944 as a result of a magical ritual which held none other than Gregory Rasputin, by order of the Third Reich. By chance Hellboy was the education of the Americans, and all of their knowledge and capabilities become used to protect the country from different supernatural forces. The first film adaptation of the comic book was published in 2004. As the base line of the plot creators have comics "destruction Grain", diluting it with details of the "Right Hand Death" and "Angry box". Directed by Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy is a fan from the very first issue of the comic book, drawn by Maykom Minolo, since 1993. For several years, Del Toro had the idea of ​​the film project, but the producers of his is able to persuade only after the huge success of the second part of the "Blade". Del Toro knew from the beginning who is the ideal candidate for the role of Hellboy - of course, Ron Perlman! Firstly, it is very color, and secondly, it is a really good actor. Produced by the way, wanted for the role of someone more recognizable, and suggested that the role of the blame Diesel. Fortunately for us, Diesel refused, and the viewer has the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent game Mr. Perlman. He has done everything possible to not only pleased Hellboy existing fans, but also gained a lot of new. The role Grigoriya Rasputina went to Czech actor Karel Roden. Roden has ever worked with del Toro on the film "Blade 2", which made the Czech famous all over the world. Famous director assisted by no less well-known people in the crew. Composer Marco Beltrami ( "Blade," "I - Robot"), Guillermo Navarro operator ( "Desperado"), makeup Nicky Ollder specialist ( "Alien," "The Fifth Element"). This results in a fine film which special effects, humor, acting, surpassed other film adaptation of the comic book. In "Hellboy" balanced and scary and funny, which gives the film an indescribable lightness.

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