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hardcore Henry

You - the main character, and this is your hardcore

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Movie Length: 1:36

Genre: Action fiction

Country: Russia, US

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: Ilya Nayshuller

Actors: Sharlto Copley, Danila Kozlovsky, Tim Roth, Heyli Bennett, Sergei cord Ravshan Kurkova, Svetlana Ustinova, Daria Charusha Polina Filonenko Aleksandr Pal, Alexander Yatsenko, Kirill Serebrennikov

Budget: $ 2 million

Year: April 7, 2016

Download Hardcore Henry

Free Hardcore Henry movie torrent. Henry wakes up in a military research laboratory for the creation of cyborgs people. He is aware of himself only what was once happily married to the beautiful Estelle, who had just brought him back to life. Not having to look into his past, Henry is forced to go to war with the villain Akan, who kidnaps Estelle. In search of his beloved Henry destroys everything in its path. The only one who is not trying to kill him - a mysterious Jimmy, who Akane their scores. The heroes have to not only to save the girl, but to stop the creation of an army of cyborgs capable of putting the world to Akana feet.

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Our Review:

What does all this Timur Bekmambetov has found a nugget in social networks, the Internet has torn a homemade music video - more than 20 million views on YouTube. The guy offered to shoot a full meter, crowdfunding raised money, and now the world media scribbling rave reviews, and North American festivals are awarded. In short, we are dealing with a breakthrough ultra-Russian action-thriller on the world screen. Why watch a movie from the first frame is intriguing, and the second already captures in a mad cycle of chases, fights and shootings. This uncompromising film - the characters swear, run across the screen naked chicks, and only krovischa corpses and showered him as a good shooter. Actually, this is kinoshuter, as all the action is removed from the first person. The authors even claim that the first to use this technique. It is important that they were able to make a shaky picture watchable and intriguing effects saturate fantastic story. The action takes place in the real Moscow, where the mass of recognizable types of tape attached to the comic tone. Why can we not see in the shooting in the first person is nothing new - such tapes were numerous enough to remember the "Russian Ark," "Lady in the Lake" in 1947, "Maniac", "Doom," "Enter the Void", "Hotel Inferno "and others, not to mention about the series" Through My eyes ". In general, such a shooting and depriving character voices - it's not the original findings and a way to simplify the life of writers. Filmed on action-camera picture place soon on YouTube, whence came to us the director-nugget, but not on the big screen. Action lacks emotion, which could add a bright soundtrack, but catchy topic there is only one. Drama is not enough for a full meter, and you have nothing to lose, leaving the room in half an hour.

User's Review:

I am waiting for this movie for 2 and a half years and I really enjoyed it. The only negative, after such a tremendous head action was unwell, though not for long, and still view was worth it. You see this film as if the passage of the game for the shooter on youtube. On youtube the movie and had such a creative idea when a young musician from the group Biting Elbows posted the video for Bad Motherfucker also filmed on GoPro from the 1st person. The plot begins when you (Henry, his role is played by the operator 3) leads to the consciousness of a pretty lady doctor Estelle (Heyli Bennet) and almost immediately to the laboratory attacked villain Akan (Danila Kozlovsky). You have to flee, just like in Bioshock Infinite extremely down on the capsule to the ground. Because the whole laboratory is dirigible right above the clouds. In general, a huge amount of our time culture for references to games and movies abound here, because as a director of a gamer like us, that is, those who are the target audience of this film. You away; poster and Half-life, and even Superhot news. A scene of action at this time served as Moscow and even though I'm from Russia, but the city still has not. For foreigners, this is perceived as setting for Hollywood movies have their actions with Los Andzheles site or New York. Of course the main star of the belt is a South African actor Sharlto Copley, almost all the humor keeps his hero Jimmy. He then several alter-ego, and as the story will kill them for the sake of comic effect. But that's why they are all clones in a different role, you will find it in the movies. Also here the action is really nothing worse spy franchise about Jason Bourne. Only when the creators of the rating R allow a bunch of mats ( "zapikali" in the rolling release), blood and meat with the most sophisticated killing and bare boobs. In the film, a length of 1.5 hours, all events take place in a single day. Also, there are a couple of plot twists, but it spoilers so shhh! The rest of you and so beautifully by the trailer can judge whether you should look for happiness in contrast to the "Deadpool" there is not leaked the entire film in an advertising campaign. Now to the villain Akan! He played by Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky and the way this year as a benefit for him (too many films with his participation). On character I would compare it to Vaasa or Peyganom Minh of Far Cry, but the Joker (Hit Ledzher) naturally falls short. By the way, have you ever seen to throw the villain in the hero with the help of telekinesis prostitute, if not, then what are you still doing in the movie quickly. He also reminded me of the villain Psihomantisa of Metal Gear Solid, looking at his superpowers. Is a major headache Henry I mean you. Only in the movie about him almost nothing is known, but it released the comics that you can search the network (particularly in the group VKontakte dedicated to film). In them, here's something interesting (not all) tells about this villain. And the last location of the film that is to say the battle with the boss at all reminiscent of the end of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. And there it is possible to contemplate the most palest hue effects for the entire film, but with such a small budget it's ok. By summing up I would like to thank the director debutant Ilya Nayshullera, producer Timur Bekmambetov has believed in such a creative idea, as well as those who gave money to a movie. And it is in the amount of $ 2 million that was growing. movie is not quite something and money. Specifically, this film was collected by kraundfandinga IndiGogo, well Minesterstva of Culture also issued money. When selling US car rental company STX budget has already paid back 5 times. Even in this tape represented a small Kamei youtube videoblogera BadComedian, when I saw him then I laughed out loud. In general for the Russian cinema this movie is just a "10 out of 10, Jesus, 10 out of 10!" While on the world stage, I would rate at 7-8. But since this is the first full-length action movie experience in full first-person, you have to solve it or not.

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