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Glass Trap

Download Glass Trap full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Action Horror Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 2.6

Director: Fred Olen Ray

Actors: C. Thomas Howell, Stella Stevens, Siri Baruk, Brent Huff, Chik Vennera, Endryu Prayn, Peter Spellos, Martin Kove, Treysi Bruk Swope, Uitni Sloun

Budget: $ 475,000

Year: May 6, 2005 (World)

Download Glass Trap

Download movie Glass Trap for free. Los Angeles, today. The giant skyscraper turned off the electricity, and dozens of office workers who are lucky enough to be at work on Saturday, are locked in a huge, almost deserted and the night is already completely dark tower block. However, it is, as it turns out, quite does not matter. The main misfortune that befell the characters in the film "The Glass ant hill" - a giant ants mutants were born as a result of experiments conducted in a secret military laboratory. The only person able to save the desperate clerks - cleaner Curtis, formerly hunted car theft.

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