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Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Action fiction

Country: USA, Germany, UK, South Africa

IMDB rating: 6.0

Director: Neil Marshall

Actors: Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Karen Peterson, Shon Pertui, Darren Morfitt, Mayanna Boring, David O'Hara, Adrian Lester

Budget: $ 30 million

Year: March 27, 2008

download Doomsday

Free download Doomsday movie. Mysterious virus called "The Reaper" in spring 2008, covers the whole of Scotland. It was decided to completely isolate the entire region of the country and infected residents condemn a painful death. But, despite the measures taken, in the distant 2035 virus appears again, this time in a busy London. The UK government has no choice but to use the last chance - to be extinct in Scotland British spy satellite spotted signs of human presence, and therefore in the quarantine zone, possibly a vaccine against the virus was found. To find out whether this is a laboratory in the center of Glasgow detachment of special purpose DDS was sent, led by Major Iden Sinkler.

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User's Review:

Directed by Neil Marshall makes the viewer think about what "role" played by a person on planet earth: the creator or destroyer. Any action, the slightest mistake one person can lead to tragic end of all mankind. In the end, no one will even think about how it all started, where we stumble, which was not taken into account, where human pride and the desire to "stand out" eclipsed common sense. The wall enclosing the contaminated area - similar to the "monument" great human delusion that it is almost omnipotent and keeps everything under control. Photos of people, inscriptions - the pain and the suffering of the survivors, who remained only one hope, a tiny, very small, that their loved ones, relatives, friends ever come back to them. A perfect example of how low a man can fall in a short period of time, to reach almost to the state of primitive society, where everything is decided by force and the principle of "kill or be killed." House, twined plants, quiet - nature returns all "full circle", puts everything in its place. It was, is and will be. The question is - will we? Take a break for a while from the cares and plunge into the world of fiction (which, incidentally, is not far from reality). I have the hope that you, like me, think about what is happening, drawing a lesson, or just enjoy a beautiful film, experiencing different emotions. And if a small part of the soul tremble - you "hooked" as well as me. I wish you pleasant viewing.

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