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Cemetery Gates

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Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Action Horror Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 3.5

Director: Roy naira

Actors: Redzhi Bennister, Peter Stickles, Aime Wolfe Nikol Dyupor, Kristin Novak, Kai Evans, Dzhon Tomas, Chris Finch, Carol Harrison, Lloyd T. Williams, Bill Lloyd, Greg McDonald

Budget: $ 930,000

Year: May 30, 2006 (World)

Download Cemetery Gates

Cemetery Gates download movie. Two environmentalist activists break into a laboratory of a doctor Belmont and finds a box with an animal over which scientists have conducted a series of genetic experiments. Without thinking, compassionate naturalists let the beast loose. So opens a Pandora's box: the monster is now in the wild, mutated Tasmanian devil. Starved, furry hero of the film "Cemetery gates' instantly devoured by both environmentalists and runs off into the woods, and then decides to live in the old cemetery. Meanwhile, there is sent the son of Dr. Belmont Hunter, wanted to make a horror film. A professor and his assistant Kristina Kollar rushing in a panic looking for a box with the beast ...

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