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Bitch Slap

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Movie Length: 1:49

Genre: thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 4.5

Director: Rik Dzheykobson

Actors: Maykl Herst, America Olivo, Erin Cummings, Ron Melendez, Dzhuliya Vot, William Lee Gregory Mina Nodzi, Kevin Sorbo, Lyusi Louless, Renee O'Connor


Year: June 1, 2010

Download Bitch Slap

Download Bitch Slap full movie for free. Three girls with big talent and impressive bust - stripper Trixie, the former ugolovnitsa and specials on Safety Deposit Box, and, finally, the secret service undercover agent Hel - sent in a secluded corner of the desert. And they do so in order to get the diamonds mysterious Pinky - ruthless boss of the underworld, who with the help of his katana, ruthlessly crushes all standing up in his way. However, things did not go as planned girls, while Pinky is a matter of important than the preservation of their diamonds. Fans of half-naked female bodies, fighting in the dirty sand and dancing at a strip club, "Bitch Slap" is highly recommended.

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User's Review:

Trash, waste, and nudity! Three gorgeous women, gangsters, the desert, a lot of money and Elvis impersonator! The most brazen, outspoken and uncompromising of being a movie Tarantino and Rodriguez. One of the few cases in which all of the above - a compliment to the middle of the desert three sekusualnye girls tortured man - want to find out where he hid the money. In addition to treasure girls looking for a few marginal individuals to one another more beautiful. Details on how that money and who are all these people - extra. What is important is that there will be a lot of shooting, violence and blood with a minimum of sense - that this film only to face. Long ago it has become a tradition that each new film Kventina Tarantino Launches wave of imitations and stylizations. "Bitch Slap" - from the same opera, the film was made under the influence of "Grindhausa" - this becomes clear, we need only look at the cover. Lovers of fine art can wrinkle your nose, but nothing - fortunately for himself director Rik Dzheykobson did not blow up and shoot "worthy successor". Instead, he presented to the public a frank banter actually a parody, but not mocking, and stick out some of the characteristics of the original. And (bravo to the creators) as these features were not a zombie (which is not here) and not psychopaths (who are here on the contrary in excess), and gender characteristics of the protagonist. Virtually all of half an hour of screen time we admire in three wonderfully composed, actively posing ladies. Sometimes these ladies shoot, sometimes fighting, a lot of cursing, and the closer to the finale arrange something like wrestling in the mud. But, the entire action is literally dissolves in sexual innuendo, it is simply impossible to make out the steep tanned thighs and massive busts participants. If we add a little more sense, the story and history - turned out to be an ordinary action film category «B». And so - clean Exploitation, fan and light erotic Discontinued stiffness porn disguised as a thriller.

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