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Therefore, gain glory!

Free download 300 movie.

Movie Length: 1:57

Genre: Action Military History

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.7

Director: Zack Snyder

Actors: Dzherard Batler, Maykl Fassbender, Vincent Regan, Devid Uenem, Lina Hidi, Dominic West, Tom Wisdom, Endryu Plevin, Endryu Tirnan, Rodrigo Santoro

Budget: $ 65 million

Year: March 22, 2007

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300 Download movie for free. A screen adaptation of the legend of the bloody battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, in which a handful of brave Spartans blocked the way large army of the Persian king Xerxes. Rich visual effects film of the courage and fortitude. Dzherard Batler is confident in the role of a brave Spartan king Leonidas. The film is often compared to "Troy" Petersen, but here the historical reality gives way to no love story of the main characters, and entertainment. For example, the amazing monsters that scare Spartans to the Persians, the viewer is immersed in the era of legends and myths in which the best men were warriors and the best stories - their exploits.

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Our Review:

The future King Leonidas (Dzherard Batler) raised the same way as all other Spartan boys. They beat-beat, develop independence, vitality and courage. When Leonid grew up in a half-naked muscular man with a beard and pigtail, came to his Persian messengers. "Land and water!" - say. The king was not greedy and messengers dropped into a deep well. He himself climbed high into the mountains to ask the priests permission to fight with the Persian king Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and his army of thousands - those are just conquered half the world, and approached Greece. Treacherous priests, however, permission was not given. Then Leonid gathered 300 of the same half-naked muscular Spartans and went with them "for a walk" to narrow "the passage of fire" near Thermopylae, to block the path of the enemy army. Loving and beloved wife of the king (Lina Hedi), seeing it, put it on the Spartan: "Come back with a shield il on board." Next appearance on the big screen three hundred heroic men we are most obliged to ancient Greek historian Herodotus and restless comic book author Frank Miller. The first was born just after 4 years after the death of Leonidas, and possessing extraordinary curiosity and sociability, was able to capture the battle in every possible detail. Second, as a child, I saw the film "300" in 1962 Rudolfa Mate - and imbued with the rest of your life. In 1998, Miller released a comic book, "300", it pecked the director of "Dawn of the Dead" Zak Snayder and together with two other comrades wrote. The writers have added colorful details, collected production team and actors put on a strict diet, coupled with the intense physical training. What was the result, of course, very different from the actual events, it has already caused criticism of historians, government approval of Sparta and resentment of the Iranian government. But the filmmakers are not asked to follow the aim of textbook stories they wanted to tell a beautiful, inspiring to the exploits, the parable. In this case, the Persians - the negative characters, invading foreign lands who have encroached on the "little Greece, the hope of the world of justice and reason." And the Spartans - heroes, the defenders of freedom. Some are shown exaggeratedly distorted, others are too perfect, so it was immediately clear who is right and who is wrong. And find out how many actually were the Spartans, and who had more gay, really, too. Probably, King Leonidas is not climbed, as Spider-Man, to the priests for the blessing of the priests were not so ugly and did not speak the voice of Gollum, and Xerxes not build yourself pirsingovannogo Shiva. But what fascinating pictures and what a syllable: "Zeus lightning pierces the sky. And crushes boats Persians violent winds. Glorious spectacle! ". The spectacle is indeed wonderful: the assembly of naked bodies, white-toothed smile flying arms, legs and head, the blood, lots of blood, elephants, metal and even fire. While the Spartans prick killed by the Persians in the javelin, erecting a wall of their bodies, Leonid juicy apple crunches and commanded: "get a move on! Persians and fold higher! ". Oh, what a man was.

User's Review:

In fact, the director and the actors of the film "300" would have to be not only read historical material associated with the feat of 300 heroes of Sparta, and pay attention to the era of this event. Warriors through the ranks was not just a fighting clothes, but even some decorations on the arms. On the battlefield with bare muscular torso is not running. Really it was impossible to turn to consultants to historians? And women.? Where is their holiday and everyday coats and tunics? Where beautiful hairstyles ,: intricately woven strands of pearls and precious stones? Running around half-naked ladies uncombed, having nothing in common with the ancient Spartan freedom-loving. It's a shame that the Spartans feat in the movie svolsya to banal Hollywood computer fight. Why such an attitude to the audience? The film was made by the principle: "People shavaet" It's a pity and a shame this (even the word did not pick up) art.

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