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You Again

Download You Again full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:41

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.8

Director: Endi Fikmen

Actors: Kristen Bell, Odette Enneybl, Sigurni Uiver, Dzheymi Li Kortis, Victor Garber, Betti Uayt, Dzheyms Volk, Kristin Chenoweth, Shon Uing, Kyle Bornheimer

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: September 23, 2010

Download You Again

Download movie You Again for free. Marnie arrives at his brother's wedding there and faced with a nearly forgotten school nightmare - brother to marry a girl who mocked Marnie school. Not believing in the fact that Joanna has changed, it is trying to bring it to clean water. By opposing connected and the older generation - the aunt of the bride and mother Marnie, too, are old school rivals.

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Our Review:

Marnie is a high school student braces, glasses and pimples and is an excellent laughingstock for the other students. After school, she moved to the other coast of the United States, where finally washes his head, brushing his teeth and dosluzhivaetsya to the position of vice-president in a major pr-agency. Overfilled with happiness and self-confidence, she is flying home for his brother's wedding and discovers that the bride - her classmate, captain of the team and cheerleaders generally the number one enemy. Since all the other relatives of her ecstatic Marnie have to use all of its pr-the ability to change anything. Almost all movies directed by Endi Fikmana, except for last year's "Witch Mountain", similar posters. Surprising in it is not enough: he specializes in school-sports comedies and over again takes, in fact, about the same, but with varying success. This year, to replace Vinni Dzhonsu and Dwayne Johnson came Dzheymi Li Kertis and Sigurni Uiver, the students have grown, but they can not forget the high school years, and the movie itself falls into two main points. For stories about rancor, Cinderella transformation in both directions and the ability to forgive it all too crumpled and superficial. And for good comedy jokes rollover on someone's head meal still not enough. Chirlidersky number Dzheymi Li Kertis, of course, gives the impression, and in some ways even staggering, but in general, "You again" remains bland and a bit stupid movie. Thanks, of course, that absolutely no vulgarity, but, alas, no surprises, long and thoroughly chewed. As instant cereal or baby puree, without salt, sugar and homogenized.

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