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View from the Top

Free View from the Top movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:27

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.2

Director: Bruno Barreto

Actors: Gvinet Peltrou, Kristina Epplgeyt, Kelly Preston, Mark Ruffalo, Kendis Bergen, Joshua Malina, Rob Lou, Mayk Mayers, Marc Blucas, Steysi Desh

Budget: $ 30 million

Year: April 24, 2003

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Free View from the Top movie torrent. Provincial babe Donna runs away from his home town in order to fulfill a cherished dream - to become a flight attendant international airlines. She persuades her friend Christina to go with her for an interview at a major airline. Girls attend summer courses, where Donna meets his idol - stewardess Sally Weston. It helps the girl to tune in to a first class international flights, but when they become known to the test results, Donna sent a commuter route in Cleveland. This was implicated Christina, who substituted the test results. Deceived Donna gives up and decides to get re-examination.

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User's Review:

"View from the Top" - is one of the films that fully justifies the saying "from rags-to-riches". It would seem that such a subject is not relevant and even bored for a modern audience. Remember how many movies you review how some provincial, breaking high up the social ladder reaching out to its top, however, the plot of this film contains something big. Ever wanted to assess the quality of a movie about acting. Gvinet Peltrou, in my opinion, not the best option for the role of the main character. It did not show in the film the maximum of emotion, which must undergo Donna. Kristina Epplgeyt - an excellent choice for the role of traitor and bitchy nahlebnitsy. Mark Rufaello also completed the task, his image is very well-chosen according to its appearance, it plays pretty believable. It would like to highlight the Kendis Bergen, its charm is literally transmitted through the silver screen, she played the role of an experienced amazing, caring and sensible woman. Well, does not ignore, I was not able to actor Joshua Malina, I sincerely believe, and sympathized in broken health destiny in the professionalism and kindness of character, hidden behind its apparent rigidity and firmness. Musical accents very well, the lyrics of the film corresponds to the ongoing situations. Why I chose this film for writing reviews? My choice due to the fact that the idea of ​​the film unobtrusive and that's why it looks so easy. I want to note that if this movie was complicated by a heavy plot, he would not let that hope viewers who gives this film. The film will find understanding in the greater extent in the female half. History of the protagonist has its origins in a small provincial town. Even as a child little Donna is surrounded by people to whom she feels pity and strangeness. In my opinion, the story of an unhappy childhood is added to the film is the theme, it is understood by the viewers, it puts pressure on pity that causes more emotions, and thus the film a good rating. The main purpose and part of the heroine's dream - be carried away away. As a teenager Donna continue to drive to her that she is a nobody, the same as all of them, and its place here. At such times, viewers can learn from the main character, she could become despondent, accept their fate and continue their quiet, gray and everyday life, but it destroyed the stereotype, she dropped everything and headed for a successful, bright life. Mature Donna, who suffered betrayal and failure, again selected from the mud in which it lowered her friend. Donna got used to it, these emotional scars heal faster than one would expect. It is the umpteenth proof that will not allow anyone to change their destiny, that it is too long to achieve goals, too many went to lose everything in a moment. Pacing with long strides towards its goal, Donna runs through all air pockets and turbulence zone. At some point, it becomes more than that to which it sought - love. Scene night walk through Paris Donna brings her anticipated joy, she was lonely in this big cold and a city full of love. The main character is facing a difficult choice - love or career. At the end of the film, the viewer is aware of how difficult it is to choose between these two components of a successful and happy life, but still can not be satisfied with riches without a loved one who is always ready to listen, support and warm. Donna has found its way to spread your wings.

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