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Vanilla Sky

Forget everything you knew about life and simply cutting the eye ...

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Movie Length: 2:16

Genre: Horror thriller fiction

Country: US, Spain

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Kemeron Krou

Actors: Tom Kruz, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Kurt Russell, Dzheyson Li, Noah Taylor, Timothy Spall, Tilda Swinton, Michael Shannon Dileyna Mitchel, Jennifer Griffin

Budget: $ 68 million

Year: January 24, 2002

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Free Vanilla Sky movie torrent. In the life of a wealthy playboy David (Cruz) had everything: money, its own publishing house, an expensive car, an apartment, a friend, a writer and girlfriend Julianne. But once the boy was in a car accident and woke up from a coma with a disfigured face. His new face of David now has to cover the aesthetic prosthesis - a mask. In desperation, the young man decided on a risky operation and returns to the familiar world of a normal person. But contrary to expectations, his life turns into a nightmare. Reality and vision begin to mix. In "Vanilla Sky" Penelope Cruz was shot twice: first in the low-budget drama, Spanish, then in the lush Hollywood remake ... Blank Manhattan, in which Tom Kruz traveling by car, immediately recognized the classic footage.

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User's Review:

"Vanilla Sky" - a stunning, beautiful and indescribably romantic Hollywood remake of the cult Spanish tape Alejandro Amenabar, "Open your eyes", delivered in 2001, the year of adored me and an outstanding American film director and screenwriter Cameron Crowe ( "Almost Famous," "We Bought a Zoo" ). Handsome and successful throughout the womanizer Devid Eyms lives a life of luxury, has its own publishing house in New York, travels on a luxury car and bathes in the arms of Julian beauty. Once one of the parties organized by David / friend of his humble writer Brian Shelby brings his charming girlfriend Sofia, which immediately brings to mind David, and of no one more than he now can not think. Realizing that now remains behind, mentally unstable Julianne, offering one to bring David in his car, he decides to commit suicide with it, and takes off at full speed on the car from the bridge. David wakes up in the hospital after a long coma to completely disfigured face and no money can restore it to its former beauty, and despite the fact that neither Sofia nor his Brian do not give the best friend of him and try in every way to support David falls into a terrible depression and live as before can not. Suddenly, doctors find a way to return via risky surgery he looks, and everything passes, fortunately, successful, and now David have happily lived with Sophia, but the strange visions and suspicious weave of reality and dream more and more tormented protagonist. Compare the original film and the remake, I will not, both are worthy of every attention and for me are masterpieces, but since I first became acquainted with a remake in the soul for me personally it is a fuse stronger. Equally interesting, unusual and expertly twisted stories in the film come across extremely rare and "Vanilla Sky" is exactly the case when the analogues and similar in plot and atmosphere of the film then you will not remember, well, except that "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" by Michel Gondry partly approached him. A beautiful love story, a psychological drama, the original semi-fantastic line of chic and stylish camera work, double Oscar winner Dzhona Tolla ( "Legends of the Fall"), citationality dialogues and excellent acting work - that's what I love about this film and not get tired, at least once a year, to review it. Toothy Tom Kruz ( "Days of Thunder," "Far and Away"), speaking here also as tape producer and gleaming earlier in "Jerry Maguire" in Crowe again showed all the facets of his undeniable talent, playing a rugged and vivid emotions his changeable character of David, for that cut off the award "Saturn" in 2002 to the year. Funnily enough, that the role of Sofia beauty here played remarkably Penelope Cruz ( "The Return", "Broken Embraces") flashed in the same forming the original movie. A small but colorful role in his familiar role bitchy and seductive blonde Juliana is performed Cameron Diaz ( "Mask"), nominated for her "Golden Globe". Also on the sidelines pleased with Dzheyson Li ( "My Name Is Earl"), returning then to a great movie Kurt Rassel ( "Proof of Life"), Tilda Swinton ( "We Need to Talk About Kevin"), Maykl Shennon ( "Revolutionary Road "), Noah Taylor (" Shine "), but fans of the series" The big Bang Theory "will find even Dzhonni Galeki here. Such films are shot every 10 years and look at it, I highly recommend you.

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