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Tootsie download movie.

Movie Length: 1:56

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.4

Director: Sidni Pollak

Actors: Dustin Hoffman, Dzhessika Leng, Teri Garr, Debni Koulmen, Charles Durning, Bill Murray, Sidney Pollack, Dzhordzh Geyns, Dzhina Devis, Doris Belack

Budget: $ 22 million

Year: December 1, 1982 (World)

download Tootsie

Download Tootsie full movie for free. Actor Maykl Dorsi sees itself exclusively in the lead roles of Shakespeare's works, but in life he is offered only as a "dinner is served" category. However, Michael is confident he - a great actor, capable of much. For example, to perform brilliantly Actress! After his girlfriend falls on the casting show "Southwest Hospital," he decided to prove to everyone that he is able to play a "dual role". Since the light appears cutie Doroti Maykls, the rising star of the soap opera, which is fast gaining hearts of viewers and the show raises rating to heaven. "Tootsie" (in the Soviet hire "Cuddles") was nominated for the "Oscar" in 10 categories, and got one - for Best Supporting Actress (Dzhessika Leng).

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User's Review:

"Tootsie" - one of the best films of the 80s and perhaps the most famous and popular in Russia, the work of genius director Sidni Pollaka ( "Three Days of the Condor," "Out of Africa"), prematurely departed in the 2008th year, and has removed a huge the number of outstanding films, but, alas, has not received as I think, in his lifetime due recognition. This story was supplied based on the play Don McGwire ( "Courteous criminal") and Larry Gelbart ( "Bedazzled") of unemployed actor-loser Michael Dorsey, tried unsuccessfully to find a job in the movies or on television, which is one of despair comes to mind crazy idea to dress up as a woman and go to audition for the show "southwest hospital", which just needed a charismatic actress in the role of administrator. And who would have thought, how his life will change this, as he thought, a passing role. If you make a list of the greatest comedies in the history of cinema, is not this film you can not manage and "Tutsi" on, I think, the pattern of decent and bright representative of this genre, where everything works perfectly and amuses the viewer without any vulgarity, slippery jokes and vulgarity for nearly two hours. If such a scenario was in the hands of modern comedy, I'm sure, with cross-dressing theme of man into a woman, would acquire radically new turn and subtext, and transvestites certainly would have been involved, and humor would be radically different, and in the 80th joked -Other, cute and witty, and in this sense, cinema of those years I am much closer. This film explores the world of women through the eyes of a man who got a unique opportunity to him to penetrate and feel on their skin as they are perceived and how they are treated the men themselves, the main character throughout the film falls into the incredible amount of really comical situations and I remember just amazing a quote from the movie: "These women are like wild animals. On sale was very nice bag, but I'm just afraid to fight for it. " Great and diverse actor Dustin Hoffman ( "Rain Man", "Moth") played here one of the most brilliant of their roles, try on just two of the image, which will certainly imbued with great sympathy, and laugh at the same time subtly over their colleagues acting workshop, and if in the same year Ben Kingsley put all on the shoulder with its stunning "Gandhi," "Oscar" would be at Hoffman's no doubt, but he received a "Golden globe" and the prize of the British Academy. No less great actress Dzhessika Leng ( "The Postman Always Rings Twice," "Frances") great was the company Dustin Hoffman, playing the actress Dzhuli Nikols, with whom he had a crush and for this role, Lang received his "Oscar" in the 83-year . Lit here and sarcastic and inimitable Bill Murray ( "Groundhog Day") in the role of playwright Jeff Slater, whose dialogues in the film, as it turned out, was full of improvisation, as well as pleased and debut in cinema charming Geena Davis ( "The Long Kiss Goodnight" ) and Sidni Pollak himself as an agent of the protagonist. Personally, I can not imagine the huge amount of time that I revisited this wonderful and magical in its energy and atmosphere of the film, and as soon as I put this point in his review, I'll go and see this movie again.

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