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The Wedding Planner

Free download The Wedding Planner movie.

Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 5.2

Director: Adam Shankman

Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Mettyu Makkonahi, Dzhastin Chembers Judy Greer Alex Rocco Dzhoanna Glison, Charlz Kimbro, Kevin Pollak, Fred Willard

Budget: $ 35 million

Year: March 1, 2001

Download The Wedding Planner

Free download The Wedding Planner movie. What is it, fall in love with his client for which you organize the wedding, and the role of the bride did not you! Mary Fiore (Dzhennifer Lopes) - top-class professional in the wedding business, but this time it is faced with the most difficult challenge in her career - to organize the wedding of your dreams for a man who marries a rich lucky. The struggle of the mind and the senses in the comedy vein is completed, of course, the wedding, but who will be the bride?

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User's Review:

Every time I saw on TV, "The Wedding Planner," I save everything and sit down to watch. Not too much respect and appreciate Dzhennifer Lopes as an actress, but her look nice in this film. The plot of the film is not very steep and very special. Mary lives only for his work, and scored on all sorts of feelings. At the weekend off with the older generation. But one day, she meets a young attractive doctor, who did not flirt with her. And then it turns out that he - her client, and it has a rich bride happy, because Mary - one of the best organizers of weddings. And opposition must win or dry mind, or a violent love. Of course, win the second. Such genre. The film has a lot of funny and amusing moments, starting with castration miserable statues in the park and ending with the passing Metyu Makkonahi in the veil on a motorcycle with the words "Just Married." But he, unlike many similar films, bears even certain motivated. For example, when the Pope talks about his marriage with his mother Mary, or rather, as they were married, you know, it's not always love grows out of rapid fire and desire. Or when you look at Massimo, who at times resembles a true dedicated home a puppy. I believe he would be able to make Mary happy. At least, he would have done everything for this. Even when both Fran and Steve both realize that the habit to be together for a long time replaced all the senses. I think that they understood this much earlier, we did not want to admit it (just look at Steve's flirting with the pretty Mary. And this is a living bride ?!). It was interesting to look at Bridget Wilson in the role of Soni Bleyd, and blonde - calculating and naive in matters in life. And just in the movie cute characters, which look nice. Their play does not cause disgust, although it is not brilliant. There are interesting intermediate heroes like the pope, Mary, who still wants to marry his daughter to float initially, or Penny - twitching, and is not yet such a professional like Mary, this film - a kind of variation on the Cinderella and Prince Charming with comedy elements. There are girls who are waiting for the prince on a white horse or a "Mercedes" (depending on taste preferences and age). This cute romantic tale - not pink snot and syrup, which I did not like in the melodramas. It is a fairy tale. That look and understand what is unlikely to happen in life. Nevertheless, everything can happen.

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