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The Nutty Professor

Download The Nutty Professor full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:35

Genre: Romance Comedy Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Tom Shedyaka

Actors: Eddi Merfi, Jada Pinkett Smith, James Coburn, Larry Miller, Dave Shappell, Dzhon Ales, Patricia Wilson, Yamal Mixon, Nikol Makoli, Hamilton Von Watts

Budget: $ 54 million

Year: June 27, 1996 (World)

Download The Nutty Professor

Free download The Nutty Professor movie. College Professor Sherman Klump sees happiness only in food, because of the extra weight he has no personal life. The ridicule he did not pay any attention, while his college does not come young and attractive employee. Falling in love with girl, Klump for the first time realizes that the chances to win her heart he does not. Then he decides to experience the revolutionary drug for weight loss. The drug has not been tested, however, the professor decides for himself to become a guinea pig. The result is striking his imagination - one night it turns into a slender, smart young man, with side effects such as excessive arrogance and loving. In the movie "The Nutty Professor" actor Eddi Merfi played just seven different roles, playing almost the whole little family of Professor Klump.

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