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The Mask of Zorro

Download The Mask of Zorro full movie for free.

Movie Length: 2:16

Genre: Horror Action Western Adventure

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Martin Campbell

Actors: Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stuart Wilson, Tony Amendola, Uilyam Markes, Diego Sieres, Victor Rivers, L. K. Dzhons, Pedro Armendáriz ml., Zhoakim Di Almeida

Budget: $ 65 million

Year: July 17, 1998 (World)

Download The Mask of Zorro

Free download The Mask of Zorro movie. A screen adaptation of the legend of the Spanish "Robin Gude" - noble robber in a mask of Zorro. The Legend of Zorro has always been the last hope for the oppressed people. After twenty years spent in prison, where he posted the worst enemy of Don Rafael Montero, Zorro comes to freedom. He has nothing left for which it would be necessary to fight against evil. But the legend does not die, as it should not die hope of salvation for those who need help. Old hero sends his mask and cloak of the new Zorro, a young and brave Alejandro, who embodies all the best qualities of the people's favorite. Thus, the mask of Zorro again become a trademark for those who are desperate to wait for justice.

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User's Review:

"The Mask of Zorro" - one of my favorite adventure film 90th, shot a remarkable New Zealand director Martin Campbell in 1998, the year ( "Casino Royale", "Vertical Limit") for producer support of Steven Spielberg's classic and the fictional Spanish hero in mask and protector of the poor, of the adventures that the whole world has learned more in the 1919th year in the books Johnston McCully, and later was taken of him as much as 19 films, including a musical and, of course, this excellent band. The protagonist of the film, already aged, and to give all their strength the struggle for justice, Diego De La Vega, known as Zorro, comes after the 20-year sentence in prison, where he was awarded his worst enemy, Don Rafael Montero. Obsessed with revenge, but is not able to due to age repel villain, Diego finds a worthy successor and continuer of his noble deeds in the face of hot, a little unrestrained, but a bold and desperate Alejandro Muretty, brother of the famous Spanish folk hero and bandit Joaquin Muretty (real By the way, a historical figure and a prototype Zorro image). And now, having received from Diego knowledge, instruction, faithful black horse and cherished black mask Alejandro spoiling for a fight to avenge his teacher, become a true hero and savior of his people, and even win the love of the beautiful Elena de La Vega, daughter of Diego. Before watching this movie, I, of course, has been a fan of Zorro from his childhood, when stare several times a classic film in '75 with Alain Delon, and, frankly, hope this remake I did not feed and the triumphant return of the hero in 90th especially did not expect, but the film Campbell has surpassed all my expectations and I was in a movie, as I remember, it went twice. It has everything you need for a similar history, Spanish pungent flavor, funny jokes, dizzying chases and battles, intoxicating music of flamenco, a charismatic hero, villain colorful and fascinating history, which is equally glued to the screen and the child and adult. Absolutely exact hit was a choice for the main role of stellar Spaniard Antonio Banderas ( "Assassins," "Temptation"), who with his trademark elegance, fire in his eyes and a hot temper played brilliantly and memorably famous character here. Quite unusual and interesting to look here and a brilliant Englishman Anthony Hopkins ( "Meet Joe Black," "The Elephant Man") in the role of an aging Zorro №1, pleased and very precisely fit into the overall tone of the tape and Catherine Zeta-Jones ( "Chicago" "Traffic"), playing the sultry, seductive and lively Helena. Also on the sidelines proved to be excellent and Stuart Wilson ( "Enemy of the State") in the role of the main villain of Don Rafael Montero, Joaquim de Almeida ( "Desperado") and Maury Chaykin ( "Western"). It came the continuation of this film called "The Legend of Zorro" In the 2005's, which has already been significantly inferior to the film, although it was quite a watchable. I do not know about you, but I personally desperate Zorro much closer than cutesy Dzhek Vorobey and his eyes rimmed with ink!

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