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The Intern

Experience is always in fashion

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Movie Length: 2:01

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Nensi Mayers

Actors: Enn Heteuey, Robert De Niro, Rene Russo, Nat Wolff, Drena De Niro, Adam Divayn, Carrie Wallis Wood, Anders Holm, Liz Celeste Andrew Rannells

Budget: $ 35 million

Year: September 24, 2015

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Download movie The Intern for free. Ben Whittaker - 70-year-old widower who realized that the beauty exit on the deserved rest heavily overrated. Seizing the opportunity to be back "in the game", he became a senior trainee site about fashion, who founded and led by Dzhuls Ostin.

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Our Review:

A nice romantic comedy about friendship mezhvozrastnoy working together beautiful people Whittaker Ben (Robert De Niro) 70 years. He has long since retired. His wife died. Ben boring to sit in a luxurious home with many wardrobes, and he decides to radically change lives. Once on the street, he sees an ad - an online store fashion itemization required interns. Ben successfully passed the interview and became a personal assistant constantly busy and do not have time to charming Jules (Enn Heteuey), the founder of the company, a happy wife and mother. Despite the fact that Ben knew nothing about gadgets and other new-fangled thing, he quickly finds a contact with the staff. Special relationship immediately begin to connect with Ben beautiful masseuse (Rene Russo). A little longer his way lies to Jules heart. But courageous gentlemanly doing their job, and soon Ben and Jules are friends. Later it is revealed that the family of a young woman workaholic is not all plain sailing. Husband almost did not see her house and starts tricks on the side. It was an old-fashioned part of Ben helps Jules to go through all the hardships. "Trainee" - it is such an antagonist of the painting "The Devil Wears Prada». And it was not available, and here and there the actress Enn Heteuey, acting in the second case the same as an intern at the heroine Meril Strip. Unlike "The Devil Wears Prada», a new picture of Nensi Mayers ( "What Women Want") does not put at the heart of the conflict. Do not rebel against the world of glamor with nestyazhatelskim gust semidesyatnichestva. Collisions in the "trainee" adorable with its lightness. This style of early Lubitsch and ecstasy of life. Even unobtrusive feminist message - Jules wants to build a career in spite of the fact that her little daughter is growing at the hands of his father, who had abandoned for the sake of commercial success of the wife of ideas - and the looks are not moralizing reproach, and the right thing to do successfully developing women. Jules so good, kind, honest and sincere, that domostroj can not stretch out over her fate Hand of Vengeance. Instead heroin substitutes shoulder as a perfect, intelligent and honest, Ben, who has in his jacket pocket there is always a clean handkerchief to console a woman, and a pair of right words about its exclusivity.

User's Review:

The film masterpiece. I do not know how you have to be empty to the person is assessed as "nonsense and nothing." Although perhaps so it is for 17 year olds, but the film is absolutely not for them. Went with my wife, a full house caught every word of the actors comment on their replica, empathize. The film is unique combined humor, kindness and love that, perhaps you can compare it to a masterpiece called "1 + 1". Definitely recommended for viewing.

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