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The Hunger

The Hunger download movie.

Movie Length: 1:37

Genre: Horror Thriller Horror

Country: United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Tony Scott

Actors: Katrin Denov, Devid Boui, Susan Sarandon, Cliff De Young, Beth Ehlers, Dan Hedaya, Rufus Collins, Syuzenn Bertish, Dzheyms Obri, Ann Magnuson


Year: April 29, 1983 (World)

Download The Hunger

Download The Hunger full movie for free. Vampire romance with Devidom Boui and Katrin Denev. Vampire Miriam wanders in the dark fashionable night clubs of Manhattan in search of fresh blood with John, her 200-year-old partner. With him immortal heroine shares not only her secret life, but also the secret passion. When her faithful companion, John suddenly inexplicably begins to grow old, to help him a charming woman scientist, who becomes a part of the terrible triangle, woven out of a desire, sex and blood.

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User's Review:

A very fine line between stylish eroticism and mysticism. Get at least two accent soundtrack: the composition of post-punk «bela lugosi's dead» and «Flower Duet 'by Delibes. Quite a contrast. As a result of view, a mixed set of feelings, emotions and aftertaste. Only to learn about the cast, immersed in thought: how could all of them, and in one a movie! It is even played, by the way, no matter what Deneuve was more like a mom of subtle for Bowie. And while on the subject of the narrative, it is difficult to make a film on a par with the now so popular vampire movie. It helps to understand what is the difference. Firstly, it is pleasing to the eye and unique styling 80, in particular thanks to costumers and stylist and direct 80-m, it is fad for Visuals. Secondly, Deneuve and Sarandon, and even in the same bed. Yes, just for the sake of a bit of a Clip episode is worth watching the whole movie. Joke, but with a great deal of truth, because the spectacle is really fascinating. Third, a magnificent prologue to the already mentioned Bauhaus. Sorry, the second plan out everything that happens outside the home of Miriam (Katrin Denev), a film that broke into more and less interesting moments, that is no longer the best indicator. It is also very frustrating and that was the prologue of the most spectacular and the highlight of the film, you begin to wonder whether it is necessary to look further. It is, in fact a little later sex scene. As a result of that? It seems to be more than aesthetic and noble, but, nevertheless, the author's claim to something more than just a movie about vampires for a mass audience, and left the claim. It is worth watching, if you're tired of Robert Pattinson and wanted something a little bit neposhlye.

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