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The Holiday

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Movie Length: 2:18

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Nensi Mayers

Actors: Keyt Uinslet, Cameron Diaz, Dzhud Lou, Dzhek Blek, Ilay Uollak, Edward Burns, Rufus Sewell, Miffy Engelfild, Emma Pritchard, Sarah Parish

Budget: $ 85 million

Year: December 7, 2006

Download The Holiday

Free The Holiday movie torrent. Iris, who lives in England, from America and Amanda find themselves in similar situations. Iris unrequited love, and the guy Amanda had just changed her. Christmas promises to be a very sad occasion. But both find themselves a solution - a website that offers to share shelter during the holidays. So Iris is in sunny California, and Amanda gets the opportunity to spend Christmas in the snow-covered English countryside. Perhaps a change of place will help to establish and personal life?

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Our Review:

"Women over 35 years is easier to die at the hands of terrorists than to marry. Well, no, really! Now nobody marries and terrorists walked round and round, "- he says Cameron Diaz, previously drove another boyfriend. She lives in a large, equipped with the latest technology, the house in Los Angeles, works hard, earns a lot and 15 years is not crying. With the crash slammed the door behind the former have a life partner, she realizes that she urgently needed vacation. What baffled everyone who works with her. And in the snowy provincial English town near London lives Keyt Uinslet. Works in the editorial of some newspaper, reads books, with verve, even talented, crying about his unrequited love, contemplates suicide and wants to escape to the edge of the world. Los Angeles is quite suitable for this place. Two women with opposite characters, two very different romantic stories. On the one hand - a good Lot and Diaz, which is a little girl in the film enthusiastically compares with her Barbie. On the other - funny and ridiculous Winslet and Dzhek Blek cute fat. At first everything goes easily, rapidly and randomly. In the second - slowly and thoughtfully it grows out of a warm friendship. "Holiday" - air and funny movie, on which absolutely no need to think. You can relax, laugh sincerely Diaz, admiring Lo. With it, even the most openwork pink scene does not cause irritation, and slight tenderness. There are, however, a few moments when it becomes uncomfortable with what is happening on the screen, and the desire to unequivocally recommend the film introduces the girls varies greatly. But, fortunately, they are rare. Virtually the only thought (it was thought) that spins in the head after leaving the cinema - I wonder, can ever develop a similar way to spend a holiday in our country. The rest - the emotions.

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