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The Great Race

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Movie Length: 2:40

Genre: Horror Comedy Action Musical Adventure Family Sport

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.2

Director: Bleyk Edvards

Actors: Dzhek Lemmon, Toni Kertis, Natali Vud, Peter Falk, Keenan Wynn, Arthur O'Connell, Vivian Vens, Doroti Provayn, Larry Storch, Ross Martin

Budget: $ 12 million

Year: July 1, 1965 (World)

Download The Great Race

Free download The Great Race movie. Known test, always immaculately dressed favorite of the fair sex Velikiy Lesli (Toni Kertis) is organizing an unprecedented in its scale automobile race from New York to Paris. His main opponents - the inventor of the envious Fate (Dzhek Lemmon), and his assistant Max (Peter Falk). Together with the drivers in the way is also sent to the correspondent of the daily New York newspaper Meggi Dyubua (Natali Vud). The film "The Great Race" won several prestigious film awards, including the "Oscar" and "Golden Globes". In the USSR, picture premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival 1965, where the film was awarded the Silver Award and was nominated for the Grand Prix.

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User's Review:

"The Great Race" seasoned with good old American humor. When the "flawless" Leslie order to once again show their superiority organizes the race, his eternal enemy, envious and "evil" inventor Faith can not leave it unattended. Naturally, Faith did not even think to win the race fair and otherwise plotting Leslie, trying to force out, but as a rule, because of his faithful assistant to Max everything turns against them. Humor in all of this adds another person, becoming as "stone predknoveniya" and "thorn" for the main characters, journalist Meggi Dyubua. It should be everywhere with the main contenders for victory, the first to report breaking news, and it is not bad possible. All this fight comes amid a constantly changing cities and local residents, with which is associated a lot of funny moments and stories. In the film, there is a love line between Leslie and Meggi Dyubua, which develops throughout the film, and reaches its climax in the final. A wonderful cast: Dzhek Lemmon and Toni Kertis ( "Some Like It Hot"), Peter Falk ( "Columbo") played amazingly expressive. Perhaps it is for them, once I decided to watch this movie for the first time and he did not leave me indifferent. Easy, fun and easy to ride from New York to Paris - this is the "Great Race".

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