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The African Queen

Download The African Queen full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Horror Thriller Action Adventure

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.9

Director: Dzhon Hyuston

Actors: Hamfri Bogart, Ketrin Hepbern, Robert Morley Peter Bull, Theodore Bikel, Walter Gotell Peter Suonuik, Richard Marner, Errol Dzhon, Gerald Onn


Year: December 23, 1951 (World)

Download The African Queen

Download The African Queen full movie for free. September 1914, the year of German East Africa. In a small village settled peacefully Christian mission Reverend Samuel (Robert Morley) and his unmarried sister Rose (Ketrin Hepbern). But in Africa, it is broken by the war: the German soldiers killed Samuel and Rose running with reckless captain Charlie (Hamfri Bogart), a great lover of the extract and women. Prim Englishwoman is not easy to be in such company, but there is nothing - the two of them on an old boat rushing down the river, to quickly get to the German war ship "Louise" and blow it up. The film "The African Queen" is based on the novel by the English writer, historian and writer Cecil Scott Forester.

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User's Review:

Today, another looked old Hollywood film classics, entitled "The African Queen". Actually, you know, the more I look the tape, which is not less than 50 years, more interesting and more varied it becomes for me the world of cinema. New names of actors and actresses, exciting stories, intelligent directors, composers touches the soul… And all this is not enough. And, if an acquaintance with some of them going on, it is only respect. That's what happened here. Being introduced in "Casablanca" with Humphrey Bogart, I never thought to see him again somewhere. That film is a military drama and I really liked. But I had not thought that the talented actor - talented in different images. Fortunately, I was wrong. World War I. German East Africa. In a simple village, which preaches the Rev. Samuel Sayer (Robert Morley), together with its prim spinster sister Rose (Ketrin Hepbern), the arrival of German troops and burning huts, gone the entire population. Frustrated Samuel, soon dies because of his poor health. At that moment, on his steam boat, with the beautiful name of "The African Queen," returned the simple-minded captain Charlie Ollnat (Hamfri Bogart), who helped the village as a postman and a fine of the supplier. Learning that all burned, he decides to help the poor lady to escape. However, that plan has not matured to hide from the Germans, and vice versa - to resist them! He scratched his head, sailor drunk reluctantly agrees to take her into the thick of the enemy. Yes, even the rapids, shallows, waterfalls, jungle, whistling bullets over his head. Yes. The second meeting with Humphrey Bogart was not worse than the first. By the way, the two protagonists were nominated for "Oscar". Only Bogart got it, and Katherine was only nominated. But this does not diminish its force in the movie. I liked how the prim woman (who seemingly was able to keep a Bible or prayer book in his hand), was able to cope with the boat, and it was not some extra ballast and by this brave, resourceful and dedicated assistant. Actors "African Queen" wisely complement each other beautifully and looked together. I confess that at first I did not like this woman - Ketrin Hepbern. What? No, not her game. She herself. But after. I got used to it and even began to worry about her. So, by the middle of the film, I admired. He is able to currently possess. Able. Interesting woman. Well played a role. It is seen that people give themselves without reserve cinematography. You should have seen how she pushed the sixth boat! It is something. Here, perhaps, and everything that I would like to say about this picture. In conclusion, I would add here that. As you know, this film - a novel of the famous English writer, military historian and Hollywood screenwriter - Cecil Scott Forester (1899-1966). He also worked on a special script for the film, together with the assistant James Angie and director John Huston tape. Although the names of these people are not familiar to me, something tells me that I am with them more vstrechusyu Oh very well turn out their adventures. 10 of 10.

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